Collector ordered a 1.5 million dollar COVID-19 diamond covered mask

Mask in 18ct gold, set with diamonds

An anonymous buyer was described as “a billionaire from Shanghai.”

Imagine having an extra $1.5 million in your bank account right now just waiting for you to spend it. Then imagine you’re spending that money on a custom-made dazzling face mask in the midst of a global recession and pandemic. Well, that’s what one unknown art collector does.

He ordered what Isaac Levy, owner of Yvel jewelry company, calls the most expensive face mask in the world. The mask, which is currently being worked on by 25 Yvel jewelers in Israel, is made of 250 grams of 18-carat gold, decorated with 3,600 black and white diamonds and equipped with an N99 filter. It is expected to be ready by the end of this year.

Collector ordered a 1.5 million dollar COVID-19 diamond covered mask
The mask prototype. Yvel

“It may not be possible to buy everything for money, but if you can buy a very expensive COVID-19 mask and the guy wants to wear it, walk around and get attention, why not?” – told Levy to The Independent newspaper.
Levy does not reveal the name of his client, but in various reports called him “a collector of Chinese art living in the United States” and “an anonymous billionaire from Shanghai.
“He is our young, old client, very charming, very sociable, very rich, and likes to stand out,” the jeweler said. – “For many people, this may be the most expensive mask in the world, and maybe it really is. For us, it is a way to help people working in a factory so they can support their families”.


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