Technology lets you do just about anything nowadays. That includes making your own tornado…digitally. Of course, there’ve been programs in the past that let you create tornado simulation, but French artists Adrien M. and Claire B. have created an app that lets you create abstract, 3D hologram tornadoes.

tornado app design

The app, AM&CB, was created for an art book the duo put together, La Neige n’a pas de Sens, and the app is the perfect mixture of reality and VR. It works by recognizing specific images and superimposing animated 3D visuals on top. The artists are now currently trying to teach the program how to interact with additional images to bring even more figures to life. The best part of the app is the ability for a user to touch and interact with the holograms created.

AM&CB was designed to be a whimsical, creative way for artists to experiment with the borders of reality while having fun. You can see how their development is progressing in the videos below.