Drug Dealer Hid a Stolen Masterpiece under his Bed

Stanley Spencer in his studio

A picture of the famous British artist Stanley Spencer, who was stolen from “Stanley Spencer Gallery” in 2012, was returned to the owners. The canvas was found at the drug dealer’s house in western London.

The work, estimated at $ 1.3 million, was under the bed, along with three kilograms of cocaine and a bag of ecstasy tablets, were reported to the police. The search in the apartment of 28-year-old Harry Fisher was held in June last year. During the lengthy investigation, he acknowledged his guilt in distributing drugs and reselling stolen things. Fischer was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison.

Spencer’s work, which was kept under his bed, was returned to the heirs of the artist only in May of this year. In the painting, the artist depicted the region in which he was born and who inspired him throughout the creative path.

“Spencer is one of the most famous British artists of the twentieth century. It’s great that in this story is a happy ending, and that the picture has returned to the owners, “commented Michael Allys, head of the Department of Culture and Arts in the British government, on the return of the picture.

Stanley Spencer – a modernist artist, whose work critics attributed to the style of magical realism. The artist is considered one of the brightest in his generation of English painters. In 1959, Spencer received a knightly title, and died in the same year.


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