The French photographer and sculptor Alain Bernager explores in his work the invisible mental connections of man and Nature as part of the universe. His method is the daily living of this philosophical unity through careful observation and careful fixation of the changes in Nature. To do this, he creates sculptures-objects from natural materials directly in the natural environment (in the forest, on the river bank, in the field) and photographs them. The artist is proud that in his photographs there is no retouching and computer processing. They fix sculptures and details of nature (leaves, pebbles, flowers, branches) as they are, without embellishment.

Alen Bernager makes his objects from stone, wood, ice or snow, choosing material depending on the time of year. All of his belongings are made up of raw pieces of pebbles, fragments of tree trunks, pieces of snow. For Bernager, his sculptures are intermediaries between man and Nature, the same as the ancient Neolithic sanctuaries like Stonehenge. He meditates for hours with work to catch and feel the inner vibrations of stones or wood.

To understand the intangible connection with the universe, Alain Bernegger, from the age of 18, from the late 1970s, began to create stone gardens and stone objects built on the principles of the golden section. Later, in order to get closer to the origins of the universe, Bernadzher settled for 14 years in a cave. According to him, the cave became for him a matrix, a return to the origins and helped to understand the origin of man.

The unique experience of life inside nature and inside of its art, which is reflected in the photos of Alain Bernager, makes the audience not only admire the power of natural genius but also think about the place of man in Nature and in the Universe.