Katya Kazakina proclaims Galerie Gmurzynska’s Art Basel sale of a $6m Fernand Léger mantlepiece ornament being bought by MoMA. The sale to the Houston Museum of best Arts has the companion piece on the show, a loan by using former Christie’s proprietor Joe Lewis. Each work was commissioned with the aid of Nelson Rockefeller:

“It’s one of those particular situations that you can do handiest at artwork Basel,” he stated. “You can deliver, for the first time, a piece of that provenance and location it with some other museum.” That fortunate group is the Museum of high-quality Arts, Houston, that has had the associate Rockefeller Matisse mural on display for almost three years.

Some other important U.S. museum quick located the paintings on reserve, pending the approval of the board in September, said Mathias Rastorfer, Gmurzynska’s president.