It’s been a little while since the last LVMH collaboration with an artist on a line of bags. The most successful in terms of visibility and impact were the line created by Takashi Murakami.
But now Jeff Koons is taking a crack at the project and basing in his concept on the gazing ball series of work he produced three years ago, according to the Financial Times:
For Koons, though, the works are all part of a more general “celebration” in which he sees his role as shining a light on the history of art. “I see them as part of the world and I cannot wait to see them coming down the street or see them in the restaurant, because I think they are moments of humanism,” he continues in his long, loquacious drawl. “And, really, how wonderful is it to find things outside the self that you can find greater interest in? All these artists have done that. Rubens is Rubens because he loved Leonardo da Vinci and Titian. And Monet, he loved Goya, and he loved Raphael . . .