Joan Miró’s Constellations at Acquavella Galleries


But some other case illustrating the terrible problems in prosecuting artwork fraud has come to an unexpected end in Australia final week. A judge has quashed the guilty verdicts in opposition to dealer Peter Gant and conservator Mohamed Siddique who have been each convicted of fraud in the case of works by Brett Whitely that his widow adamantly insists were now not painted by way of her husband.

The fate of the two art work Blue Lavender Bay and Orange Lavender Bay which were purchased for A$2.5m and A$1.1m respectively stays uncertain but the courts have determined the eyewitness testimony of two men and women who say they saw the artwork year prior have to not were discounted via the jury:

Crown legal professional Daniel ­Gurvich quality controls said yesterday the prosecution could not disprove proof given throughout the trial by using defence witnesses­ Jeremy James and Rosemary Milburn, who each testifie­d that that they had visible the art work in 1988. The prosecution instructed the jury at the time that the two witnesses were “honourable however mistaken”. Mr Gurvich said the day prior to this that the prosecution couldn’t task the proof given by the 2 key witnesses. “there may be a good sized opportunity that innocent men had been convicted and each of them must as a consequence be ­acquitted,” Mr Gurvich said.