New Orleans Museum of Art – Come visit the galleries


New Orleans is the largest city in the state of Louisiana, as before it is the largest port in the south of the United States, the annual cargo turnover of which exceeds 100 ml. tons. Although, the transport infrastructure has priority for the city’s economy.

New Orleans Museum of Art - Come visit the galleries

New Orleans is also a center of oil refining, chemical, mechanical engineering, food industry, non-ferrous metallurgy. Thanks to a major international airport named after Louis Armstrong, the city has become the main air gateway of the state. In addition to a major economic center, New Orleans has the status of a major scientific center in the south of the United States. The city has such well-known educational institutions as Tulane University (the largest center of tropical medicine), University of New Orleans (one of the centers of world science), Dillard University, the Catholic University of St. Xavier in Louisiana, the Jesuit University of Loyola in New Orleans (founded in 1904), as well as other educational institutions.

In addition to jazz, the city is also a center of art, it is located: New Orleans Museum of Art, Center for Contemporary Art, and many art galleries.

The New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA) is one of the oldest institutions in the city. It aims to preserve, present, and enrich its collections and the famous sculpture garden. The owners unite, inspire, and attract under one roof the most important works of art of different cultures.

New Orleans Museum of Art - Come visit the galleries

Features of the museum and the exposition

NOMA stores almost 40 thousand items. The collection continues to grow and is known for its outstanding representatives of French, American art, and photography.

The sculpture garden is one of the most important installations in the USA. It contains 60 sculptures set in a picturesque landscape among paths, old majestic trees, and plants.

New Orleans Museum of Art continues to exhibit works of art from ancient times to the present. Paintings, drawings, engravings, and arts and crafts explore the development of Western civilization from pre-Christian times to the present day.

Among the treasures of NOMA is a group of works by Impressionist Edgar Degas. The collection of works by masters of the Paris school includes paintings and sculptures by Picasso, Braque, Dufy, Miró, and others.

The Museum of Art of New Orleans has developed a unique collection of Arts of the Americas, which explores the cultural heritage of the Americas from pre-Columbian to Spanish colonial times. It is rich in Mayan cultural objects, as well as paintings and sculptures from Cuzco, the fabulous Spanish capital of Peru.

An important part of the American art exposition is a set of ancient halls with 18th and 19th-century furniture and arts and crafts.

New Orleans Museum of Art - Come visit the galleries

The permanent collection in the museum shows more than 40,000 objects from the Italian Renaissance to the modern era.

The collection of furniture includes important examples of 18th and 19th-century American furniture and a small group of elegant 18th-century French pieces. Highlights include the Rooms of Rosemond E. and Emil Kuntz, showing examples of the selection of beautiful and decorative heritage of American art in New Orleans. The rooms were originally conceived by Felix X. Kunz [1890-1971], Dean of America. His brother Emil N. Kunz was accused of building and decorating the rooms as a memorial to their parents. The rooms were finished by the widow of Mr. Emil Kunz, Julia Hardin Kunz, and the daughters, Rosemond C. Capomazza di Campolattaro and Caroline K. Westervelt. The Federal Louisiana Bedroom, a show like this type of room, may have been seen in the beautiful New Orleans Mansion or the large southern house of the Louisiana Plantation during the first quarter of the 19th century.

The museum also shows an exciting small collection of American chairs. The chair is one form of furniture that most quickly reflects changes in the designs and fashion of the time and ranges of the museum’s collection in style and period from Renaissance to Napoleon XVI to Art Nouveau.

Among the permanent exhibitions is a review of local Louisiana artists as well as other American artists. The museum also shows collections of photography, glass, ceramics, Fabergé eggs, miniature portraits, Indian Art, Central American art from pre-Columbian and Spanish eras, Chinese ceramics, Japanese painting, Indian sculpture, and folk arts from Africa, Indonesia, and the South Pacific.

History of the Art Museum

New Orleans Museum of Art - Come visit the galleries

The museum was originally funded by donations from a local philanthropist and collector Isaac Delgado. The building itself was designed by the chief city engineer Benjamin Harrod.

When Isaac turned 71, he asked the City Park Council to build a museum in New Orleans. In his petition, Delgado said he wanted to give the residents of New Orleans a building where works of art can be collected under one roof.

The request was approved and on December 11, 1911, the Museum of Art Isaac Delgado opened its doors. However, Isaac himself was not present at the opening due to health problems; later he died.

In 1993, NOMA started a $23 million expansion and reconstruction project. The scale of the expansion and renovation made it one of the largest and most important fine arts museums in the country.

Hundreds of thousands of visitors went through his doors to see landmark international exhibitions such as In Search of Immortality: The Treasures of Ancient Egypt, Jefferson’s America and Napoleon’s France, Tutankhamun’s Treasures, In Search of Alexander the Great and Monet: Late Paintings.

Although the city park was badly damaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, most of the museum’s permanent collection has been preserved, since the building is located on a hill. Today, the art museum is among the best, presenting many unique and rare exhibits.

New Orleans Museum of Art - Come visit the galleries

Events at the museum

The museum cooperates with the Historical Collection of New Orleans and the State Museum of Louisiana, they jointly develop special exhibitions. Previously, for example, they brought treasures of Egyptian emperors’ tombs, relics of Alexander the Great, and paintings of Edgar Degas.

As for the century, NOMA continues to be a gathering place for all those who seek to share and learn from the beauty of this extraordinary collection of world art. The museum attracts, educates, and enriches various groups in the New Orleans area.

The museum building is available for rent for large private parties, weddings and receptions, and corporate events.


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