Phillips has a David Hammons Flag estimated at $700k-$1000 000

African-American Flag Executed in 1990, is work is from an edition of 5. Another example from the edition is in the permanent collection of The Museum of Modern Art, New York. dyed cotton 56 1/2 x 87 1/4 in. (143.5 x 221.6 cm.) Estimate: $700,000 – $1,000,000

Phillips has a David Hammons paintings of their might also sale. African-American Flag is anticipated at $700k-1m and springs from an version of 5, one of which is owned via MoMA:
In 1990, it flew over Museum Overholland on the Museum square in Amsterdam at some stage in the exhibition Black united states of america, and every other authentic from the equal edition has been within the everlasting series of latest York’s Museum of current artwork for ten years.

Jean-Paul Engelen, worldwide Co-Head of twentieth Century & contemporary art, said, “David Hammons is a few of the most important and charming artists of our time, defined with the aid of his political stance and refusal to confine himself to a selected aesthetic or medium. there may be, but, a unifying thread in his oeuvre, with his works consistently being insightful, poignant, visually hanging and politically engaged. His fickle dating with the artwork international status quo and the inherent political commentary in his paintings mirror the headaches of the time we live in, resulting in his precise way of visualizing the distinct truths we each enjoy. we are pleased to provide his African-American Flag in our can also night Sale, a captivating example from his amazing profession.”

In his paintings, Hammons regularly imbues amazing symbols with a new meaning. From his basketball hoop sculptures higher desires, 1986, which commented at the restricted opportunities to be had to young African individuals, to the arresting portray How ya like me Now, 1988, which depicts a young Reverend Jesse Jackson with white skin and blonde hair, Hammons has no longer shied faraway from subjects which directly impacted his own life and which stay the everyday fact for a large portion of the yankee populace. African-American Flag follows in this subculture – the crimson, white, and blue of america flag changed with the red, black, and green of Marcus Garvey’s Pan-African Flag, which turned into first adopted by the general Negro development affiliation and African communities League in 1920.

Instead of operating without delay with the Pan-African Flag, Hammons use of its colours within the context of the conventional American flag is a reminder of the many contributions made through African people in the course of the records of the usa. Hammons combines the two gadgets to create a new flag of the united states, his paintings assuming a brand new, fantastically black energy, which stands for those people the conventional flag has now not constantly represented.