November, 30 at the Central House of the Ukrainian Union in Great Britain had placed the presentation of “Dinamocolor” by Alexei Gryshchenko in London.

A presentation of the monograph “Dinamocolir” devoted to London was held in London
artist of the emigrant, who survived all the turmoil of the 20th century – Alexei
Grishchenko (1883-1977).

Presentation of "Dinamocolor" by Alexei Gryshchenko in London

The author of the monograph is Vita Susak, Ph.D. in recent years Curator of the Department of European Art of the 19th and 20th centuries. in the Lviv National
art galleries them BG Voznitsky in Lviv. This is the second monograph a researcher, and the first one – “Ukrainian artists of Paris. 1900-1939 “ was released in the 2010 year This book embraces the biographies and the fate of many Ukrainian artists. In it, the author first highlighted the Ukrainian contribution to the Parisian School of Artists first half of the 20th century.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Vita Susak became the author of the book about Oleks Gryshchenko “Dinamocolir”. The initiators and patrons of the monograph are French The collector Michelle Lievre-Markovich and his wife Marina.

Presentation of "Dinamocolor" by Alexei Gryshchenko in London

Michel Markovich is a specialist economist and financier and by vocation a collector who collects works by avant-garde artists. In addition, he is a descendant of the Cossack genus Markovich. Ancestor Michelle Andrew Markovich was a colonel and friend of Hetman Ivan Mazepa.His sister Anastasia, the daughter of Pryluky tenant Mark Markovich, married hetman of Ivan Skoropadsky.

Their eldest son, Jacob, married his daughter the famous Ukrainian military and political figure Pavlo Polubotka. The activities of representatives of this ancient Cossack movement were multifaceted sort of Already in the second half of the 19th and early 20th centuries. in the Markovich, the family appears public and cultural figures, historians, ethnographers, writers, and musicians, whose activities contributed to the preservation and transfer of the best cultural traditions the Ukrainian people. Mother and aunt Michel were already born in France. Michelle Lievre-Markovich was born in Lyon. Graduated from business school th magistracy in Economics in Nice. In spite of being a homeland our guest was France, he continued these traditions, studying Ukrainian art.

Presentation of "Dinamocolor" by Alexei Gryshchenko in London

During his speech at the presentation of the book, Michel Markovich noted that 25 years ago, in search of relatives, went to the “Chernihiv province”. There is no trace, Unfortunately, his family did not find his family but discovered Alexei Gryshchenko for himself. After returning to France, he read the memories of the artist “Ukraine of mine
blue days “, where he found what his grandfather had once told him about, the descendant of Ukrainian Cossacks from the village of Sosnytsia, who repeated the way of Gryshchenko, having got to Sevastopol, and then to Constantinople …Very close took these memories into my heart and understood what I could not have been in my childhood.

Michel Markovich is already 17 years old not only collecting, but also exploring creativity Oleksiy Gryshchenko, an outstanding representative of the Parisian school with the world glory During these years he collected an amazing collection of works by the artist. Eight of them – Paintings and watercolors were also presented at the presentation of the monograph.

The collector described how in 2000 he helped with the organization of the exhibition in UNESCO “Interpenetration. Artists of Ukrainian origin in modern art of France 1900-1960 “. It was then that he got acquainted with Vita Susak. AND later Grischenko’s first work was added. The artist’s works are in collections the largest museums in the world, and a wonderful monograph by Viti Susak, the collector believes, will return to this master the place that he rightfully owns.

Presentation of "Dinamocolor" by Alexei Gryshchenko in London

The author of the monograph Vita Susak, speaking about Alex Gryshchenko, noted, that he was one of the many who sought to “conquer” Paris, and one of the few who succeeded.

Having finished the Chernigov seminary, he decided to abandon the priesthood, however, did not immediately choose art as its main specialty. Gryshchenko studied at С-St. Petersburg, Kyiv and Moscow Universities … The life of the artist it was not easy. He lost his family, was starving, could not visit his homeland, him the works deliberately destroyed … Famous artists of France emphasized special a gift from Gryshchenko as a painter. 70 of his works and archive returned to Ukraine (to National Art Museum in Kyiv) in 2006. This monograph is the first one a thorough study covering all the work of the artist. It is based on archival materials, letters, rare publications, most of them for the first time introduced into scientific circulation.

Presentation of "Dinamocolor" by Alexei Gryshchenko in London


The evening was extremely interesting. Among the participants were Ukrainian diplomats, composers, musicians, clergy, cultural workers, and others. All with enthusiasm listened to the performances of the collector and author of the monograph, communicated with them, watched and photographed the original works of Aleksey Grishchenko, who were exhibited at the presentation, bought books and signed them in author and patron of the publication.

Presentation of "Dinamocolor" by Alexei Gryshchenko in London

Acceptance and communication lasted until late evening … Extremely It is nice that the first presentation of the British monograph took place in The Central House of the Union of Ukrainians in London. The first two presentations monographs were held in Ukraine – in Lviv in the National Art Gallery and in National Art Museum in Kiev.

Dr. Lyudmila Pekarska. Curator of the Library and Archives of them. T. Shevchenko in London


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