Quick Guide when Buying Art Online


Buying anything online is never 100% safe. There are risks of damage, misplacement, and not to mention, a complete scam. When talking about buying art online, the risks enhance by multiple folds. Since art is so valuable and includes several factors into qualifying it for a sale, you must focus on certain factors to grab yourself the best piece.

Remember that like your vape essentials, even art is quite expensive and requires thorough research before you place the final order online.

Here, we are going to share some of the important factors that you need to keep a check on while online shopping for art.

Start with a thorough research

While the majority of the art collectors buy their pieces from exhibitions, there are a few others who rely on online means. There are thousands of artists online who sell their pieces. But, not every artist is authentic with their listing. Before you decide to buy a piece of art from someone, you must do thorough research. Check their reviews, their online reputation, and their marketing approach. If everything seems legit, only then should you go ahead and place an order.

Certificate of authenticity

While local artists might not have this because they are selling on a small scale and for lesser prices, the certificate of authenticity of the art is extremely important when you are spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on a painting. Some of the art pieces have certifications from a renowned art gallery or even a few other documents that prove the legitimacy and authenticity of the art. If the seller fails to provide you with these basic things, you shouldn’t buy from them.

Secure payment

Like any other online purchase, you want to rely on a website that provides a secure payment gateway. If the same isn’t secure, you are always going to be at risk of fraud and scams. This stands true especially when you are making payments via a debit or credit card. You want to ensure that this one-time investment doesn’t end up wiping your account clean. Opting for the websites with secured payments with the necessary encryption are the best options.


Another factor that you need to consider before buying art online is pricing. Original artworks will indeed cost you a little more than normal. But, you need to ensure that your payment justifies the value of the artwork. If you are paying thousands for a blank canvas with a black dot, it doesn’t make sense for you to spend that much money. Instead, try and find the local artists online who are selling their art pieces at reasonable and correct prices.

Buying art online is a work of art itself. There are several factors that you need to consider, these 4 being the most important ones. If you are struggling to find the right pieces for your home or office décor, we’d suggest you look at the social media platforms too.



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