Rousseau’s painting, stolen by the Nazis, was exhibited to find its lawful owners


The World Center for Peace, Freedom and Human Rights in Verdun presents an exhibition of one painting by French painter Nicolas Rousseau. The small work is subject to restitution of the values stolen by the Nazis during World War II. The painting returned to its homeland after 76 years in Germany.

Rousseau’s painting has a complicated history, and the exhibition is designed to find its lawful owners. Very little is known about the circumstances of her abduction. In 1944, a Luftwaffe soldier was to remove this painting by order of the command from northern France. Then the work was taken to Berlin and its trace is lost.

Now there is a sign next to the painting: “If you recognize the landscape or have any information about this painting, we will be grateful for your information. According to the center’s experts, the painting may cost about €5,000.


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