Scott Rothkopf’s Picks for the Future: Owens, Rose, Madere & Crosby


The Whitney’s Scott Rothkopf indulges his alma mater with an interview about a wide range of subjects related to art, art history and being a museum curator. He also takes a moment to tip his hand on the artists he believes are likely to be important in the years to come:

There are so many great talents who are emerging right now or are due for recognition at mid-career. We’ve had an amazing time with our emerging artist series showcasing artists like Rachel Rose and Jared Madere and Njideka Crosby. These may not be artists who are well-known to your readers, but they have helped ignite our emerging artist program. I’m working on a show right now with an artist called Laura Owens, who’s in her forties, for a “mid-career” survey of her work from the last twenty years. When I go to younger artists’ studios, artists who are in their twenties and thirties, I often ask them who are artists older than them who they are looking at. Laura was someone who kept coming up in conversations with artists who are ten to twenty years younger than her.