The Art of The Future. Five Contemporary Artists And Sculptors You Need To Know


Contemporary art is rapidly developing and on its horizon there are new names.

Experts of ‘W magazine’ has analyzed the current trends and prospects art, and identified five unknown artists and sculptors, whose works can change our looking on life. Paintings by these masters are able to shape new trends in the world of art.

Rachel Rossin, 29, New York, USA

Rachel Rossin is a multimedia-artist and master of the original digital installations, her creative practice focuses on the formation of new experiences transcendence and perception. In the modern world, increasingly popular virtual reality glasses, and Rachel keeps up with the times. Using traditional artistic techniques and advanced technology, the artist creates a real-virtual surreal works of art.

© rachelrossin/Instagram



Brian Belott, 43, New York, USA

Brian Belott combines incompatible, and in the process of my creativity goes from one idea to another. The artist can put socks on a dazzling abstraction on glass, decorate the remote controls and calculators with stones and shells, or put a pillow, as the stuffing between the pieces of paper, calling this installation a large paper ice cream. It seems that the imagination of Brian Belott will last forever.


The team of artists of the Gulf States

In creative group GCC work of eight artists: NANU al-Hamad, Khalid al-Gharaballi, Abdullah al-Mutairi, Fatima al Quadiri, Monir al Quadiri, Aziz al Qutami, Barrak of Alzaid and Amal Khalaf. The team name is an acronym of the Gulf Cooperation Council (cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf). Artists create paintings and installations that demonstrate the integration of modern and traditional in the Arab world.




Emily Mae Smith, 37 years old, Austin, United States

Picture of Emily Mae Smith is an ultra modern pop art with a feminine graphics and sensitivity in every detail. The images on the artist’s works exude feminism, tremendous self-confidence and creativity.

© Emily Mae Smith

© Emily Mae Smith

© Emily Mae Smith
Dora Budor, 32, Zagreb, Croatia

Dora’s parents were artists, her grandfather – actor, and my grandmother made films. It is not surprising that creative talent and the most Dora Budor. However, opportunities to see the entire range of contemporary art in childhood and youth the artist was not, as the then Yugoslavia was a fairly closed country. Helped the girl’s godmother, who lived in Venice and took her with him to the Biennale. In 2013, more than 10 years after his first visit at the Venice Biennale, Dora presented at this prestigious exhibition of her own work.