The Series Of Graphic Works by Picasso “The Vollard Suite” Was Sold For €1.9 million


A series of 100 engravings were created in the period from 1930 to 1937
PARIS, November 26th. A series of 100 prints by Picasso, known as the “Vollard Suite” was sold on Sunday at an auction in Paris for € 1.9 million, according to auction house Ader Nordmann, which conducted the auction.

This series of graphics was created by Picasso between 1930 and 1937, commissioned by the first Parisian merchant, Ambroise Vollard. With him, Picasso collaborated with the beginning of the XX century, during the “pink” and “blue” periods, which marked the beginning of his work. However, Vollard interrupted this cooperation, because he was dissatisfied with the experiments of Picasso with cubism.

Cooperation was only resumed in the 1930s, when Picasso commissioned Vollard to create a large graphic cycle of etchings. In the form of payment for them, the artist received a trader from one of the paintings of Paul Cézanne and Pierre Auguste Renoir. In total, Vollard printed and sold 310 copies of this series of engravings. In 2011, one full series of the British Museum was purchased for £ 1 million.

The series sold in Paris was bought by an unnamed collector from the United States. Engravings came from a vast collection of merchant paintings by Henri Perrier. In total, 622 lots of items from this collection were put up for auction in Paris. They were sold for a total of € 3.32 million.