Palace Krulikarnya in Warsaw, where the museum of the Polish artist Ksaveri Dunikovsky is located, the exhibition of one of the largest in Europe corporate meetings of the company Telekom, dedicated to modern sculpture was opened. Such a large-scale invasion of living artists, a luxury Palladian villa still did not know.

The Telekom meeting, founded in 2010, focuses on the art of Central and Eastern Europe and over the seven years of its existence has become the world’s largest collection of works by artists from these regions. Therefore, the lion’s share of the authors exhibited in Królikarnia, from Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Croatia and other countries, and the sculpture in all its current diversity was chosen by the theme of the exposition as a tribute to the memory of the largest artist Dunikovsky, whose museum was occupied today by contemporaries.

The name “Half-truth” for the exhibition is taken from the work of the Bulgarian avant-gardist Pravdolyub Ivanov, in which he points to the relativism of historical memory. The word is printed as a slogan on the banner and cut in half: one-half is installed on the facade, the other is the exposition. The company is made up of more than twenty artists, many of whom have long gone beyond the boundaries of regional fame, from Bratz Dmitrievich to the favorites of the international biennial of the group Slavs and Tatars. Their sculptural works, created in a variety of techniques and materials, demonstrate their own representation of the authors about the truths of today.

Pravdoliub Ivanov
Two-part installation:
Indoors: 1999-2011, Outdoors: 1999-2017
Art Collection Telekom
Le Guern Gallery and the artist
Królikarnia Palace, Warsaw, Poland
Vladimír Houdek
«Black Mirror III»
Little Warsaw, «Globe», 2000 | Roman Ondák, «Strayed Sputnik», 2012
Braco Dimitrijević
«This Could Be a Place of Historical Importance»
Hristina Ivanoska, «Untitled / Prodigality and madness, sweetness and bitterness, hysteria and mystery», 2014
Piotr Łakomy, «Untitled / Trouser», 2015
Nevin Aladağ
«Stiletto, Ince Ince, 3:40»
Geta Brǎtescu
Ioana Nemes
«Rosetta» (black)