Zaha Hadid launches new collection 2016 for Maison & Object tomorrow at Maison & Object design fair in Paris. Zaha Hadid’s new collection includes various housewares consisting of vases, candles, diffusers and table sets, which were elegantly designed to reflect Maison & Object’s stylistic vision. Melted into fluid forms, permeable colours and innovative techniques, a series of housewares will be showcased at the fall edition of Maison & Object 2016.

Maison & Object’s new collection highlighted with contrast colours, distinctive materiality and highly-stylistic aesthetic, which is definitely reflected onto these houseware pieces as a work-of-art. Hadid used traditional china bone and ceramic to get a new aesthetic look and elegancy with pure materiality.

Zaha Hadid’s new collection can be viewed in Hall 7-the collection 2016 marks the arrival of a unique range of gift and decorative accessories, designed for the home, both functional and beautiful.

The Illusion Dinner Service -a range of Fine Bone China that reflects Zaha’s love of illusions and puzzles. The fluidity of the lines ‘plays’ and ‘fools’ the eyes in to seeing a Vortex-like 3D form. In reality each item in the collection is based on a traditional British silhouette, both beautiful and functional.

The Serenity Bowls-formed in highly reflective stainless steel. Hidden within its organic shape and sophisticated lines is the duality of the Serenity Bowl’s gentle undulations. They impart the object with simplistic beauty while at the same time play a vital role in providing it with stability. Available in two sizes.

The Solis Scented Candles– Finely fragranced candles. The ‘tidal’ exterior design forms a lattice structure through which the vessel’s lustrous interior colour can be seen. Selected by Zaha, each fragrance has its own distinctive ‘personality’.

The Braid Vases– inspired by Skyscrapers and embracing Zaha Hadid’s fascination of complex geometry, the vase Duo is majestic and sculptural. Each vase is meticulously crafted in Fine Bone China and finished in a fine reflective glaze. Available as a set or individually.

The Prime Scented Candle– integrate the solid structural form of a crafted fine ceramic multi-purpose container with delicately blended and fragranced premium soy and paraffin candle wax. At first, appearing as an opaque satin surface, the underlying translucency of Prime’s fine ceramic structure becomes increasingly visible as the wax melts away, revealing the interdependence between Prime’s skeletal structure and its smooth flowing skin.

Shimmers tea light holders

Poster © Zaha Hadid Architects

Along with its international expansion, with Maison & Object Asia in Singapore and Maison & Object Americas in Miami Beach, Maison & Object began to reorganize its two Parisian editions last September. The Maison & Object design fair will be held in Paris from September 2 to September 6, 2016.

September 2016 marks a major wing of this transformation with the establishment of Mom/Maison & Object and more, the new M&O digital platform allowing exhibitors to present their collections in a privileged way to buyers, architects, interior designers and product designers alike. By giving interior decoration, design and lifestyle professionals the opportunity to share continuously online, Maison & Object now keeps its worldwide community abuzz all year round.

All images courtesy of Maison & Object