NBC has some of the numbers on this year’s Zsona Maco:

[T]he fair now attracts about 50,000 visitors and exhibitors from more than a dozen cities, from New York to Madrid and Berlin to Buenos Aires. The works displayed represent more than 120 international galleries and more than 1500 artists.

Trump Was Topic at Zona Maco, Mexico’s International Art Fair  (NBC News)
Artsy’s Molly Gottschalk gathered sales from Zsona Maco in Mexico City last weekend:
Tina Kim
  • a work by Kim Yong-Ik on the range of $60,000–70,000
  • a work by Davide Balliano for $10,000–15,000
Sean Kelly
  • two works by Jose Dávila—Untitled (Femme d’Alger) VI (2016) and Untitled (2016)—with institutions in Mexico for $45,000–50,000
  • Pieces by Hugo McCloud, Jim Casebere, Sam Moyer, and Los Carpinteros also sold by Thursday afternoon.
  • sold a painting by Cuban artist Tomás Sánchez, Inner Lagoon…Thought Catalog (2016), for $550,000
  • sales included works by Justin Lowe and Jonah Freeman, Mark Hagen, and Ansel Krut
  • Ai Weiwei’s nearly 10-foot-tall sculpture, Forever (Stainless Steel Bicycles in Gilding) 3 Paris 8 Layers, (2013), for €550,000 to a public collection in Mexico City as part of the ARTZ Pedregal Public Space Acquisition Award.
  • Pieces by Pedro Reyes, Ryan Gander, and Lee Ufan had also sold as of Friday.
Stefan von Bartha
  • sold a work by Imi Knoebel, LINA LISA Strasse (2001) for $150,000 to an American collector
  • a piece by Ricardo Alcaide, In Progress (2016), for $20,000 to a local collector
  • a work by Felipe Mujica for $10,000.
Steve Turner
  • sold his entire booth in the fair’s first two hours, which included six works by Los Angeles post-internet artist Yung Jake
  • a video sold for around $5,000
  • five new paintings went for between $12,000 and $15,000.
  • all four editions for each of two works by Jose Dávila, Untitled (Nurse) (2016) and Untitled (Cold Shower) III (2016)
  • an edition of Troika’s The Sum of all Possibilities (White) (2014)