10 masterpieces by Alphonse Mucha

A poster for the actress Sarah Bernhardt, Alphonse Mucha,1896

Alphonse Mucha is a common noun of the Art Nouveau style.

The Czech artist earned such a reputation for being able to do away with the academicism of the 19th century in favor of bright lines inspired by nature. Alphonse Mucha possessed exceptional illustration skills, which helped him draw attention to his work early in his career.

The Czech artist initially rose to prominence for his original poster designs for legendary actress Sarah Bernhardt, but today he is best known for his groundbreaking, advertisements, posters, and decorative work. Although Mucha himself took offense at the official association of his works with Art Nouveau, it was his works that contributed to the popularization of these aesthetics, which over time, began to be tacitly called the “style of Mucha.”

Mucha’s instantly recognizable work is largely done in pale pastel shades of peach, gold, other, and dandelion. Much of his work depicts beautiful young ladies dressed in neoclassical robes amid flowers, feathers, and other sensual natural forms.

He became famous not only for the illustration of advertising posters but also for painting book illustrations, modeling, and designing of theatrical scenery, decorations, and wallpapers. In each of these disciplines, Mucha has demonstrated his adaptability as an artist.

10 masterpieces by Alphonse Mucha
Spirit Of Spring, 1894
10 masterpieces by Alphonse Mucha
Four Seasons, 1897
10 masterpieces by Alphonse Mucha
The apotheosis of the history of the Slavs. From the series Slav Epic, 1925
10 masterpieces by Alphonse Mucha
Advertising poster for tissue paper Job, 1896
10 masterpieces by Alphonse Mucha
Slavs in their own land, 1912
10 masterpieces by Alphonse Mucha
Bright Day, 1899
10 masterpieces by Alphonse Mucha
Winter Night, 1920
10 masterpieces by Alphonse Mucha
Dreams, 1897
10 masterpieces by Alphonse Mucha
France embraces Bohemia, 1918
10 masterpieces by Alphonse Mucha
Stained glass window in St. Vitus Cathedral, 1930s


Facts about the artist

  1. Mucha devoted eighteen years of his life to writing paintings depicting pictures of Slavic history. These creations are called Slav Epic. This is his main work, which occupies a special place in the history of world culture.
  2. Alphonse Mucha never received compulsory schooling .He was expelled for constantly cheating and missing certain lessons.
  3. Attempts to enter the Prague Academy of Arts turned out to be a complete failure for the artist, all works were returned with the postscript “absolute lack of talent.”
  4. Mucha was very fond of women, but at the same time, he was not a womanizer. Being with one, he was faithful to her to the end. His love and admiration for the female body permeate his paintings.
  5. When leaving the house, Alphonse Mucha left a plaque at the threshold with the inscription Mucha will return soon. Those who failed to find the artist at home could leave their notes on this tablet. This interesting detail has been preserved in the museum to this day, only the exact time of return has been erased.



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