Breaking Through The Dawn Of Doomsday In 2020


New York Multidisciplinary Artist And Curator Tong Wang Shares Her Most Recent Exhibition Doomsday Evolution At Satellite Art Club

Satellite Art Club, the popular art space featured by The New York Times and Forbes, recently launched a new exhibition called Doomsday Evolution. Different from other exhibitions discussing the situation during the pandemic period, Doomsday Evolution provides audiences with an opposite perspective about 2020. Tong Wang, the multidisciplinary artist and curator of Doomsday Evolution tells us what inspired eleven artists participated in this exhibition.

Q: You said you like Junji Ito‘s work. Why do you like him and what do you learn from him?

A: Junji Ito is a very talented artist and cartoonist. His imagination and the ability to telling stories are excellent. His works are short but demonstrate the thesis very well. By exploring his work, I try to learn how to present my work in an easier but memorable way as he does.

Q: What’s the most difficulty for you to curate  Doomsday Evolution ?You invited more than ten artists to participate in the exhibition. They are all from different countries. It was very hard to invite people during the Covid-19. How did you do that?D

A: Yes, it was hard. Some artists live in Europe and were concerned about how to move their installations to New York because the worldwide logistics were dramatically affected by Covid-19. It was difficult to coordinate artists from all over the world but it was a valuable experience for me to learn more about being a professional artist and curator.


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