How to Make Your Building’s Architecture Stand Out


The relationship between architecture and art has fascinated designers, builders, artists, and many others worldwide. Architecture, or art-chitecture, is a fusion of self-expression and practicality.

Whether the building is historical or contemporary, making the architecture stand out elevates its status as art. Whether you are a contractor, architect, or property owner, here are some ways to make the architecture stand out.

Find a Contractor with an Appreciation for Art-chitecture

If you have the design plan but need someone to execute it, you want to look for a contractor who appreciates art. The same goes for if you want to modify or add an extension to the existing building. You need a builder who embraces your vision.

Your first step to finding a contractor who is also an art connoisseur is to look for a licensed contractor. Not all contractors have licensure, but the credentials prove that this person knows the ins and outs of building and constructing a vision from raw materials.

In the same vein, contractors who want a foothold in this niche market need licensing. Prepare yourself for success by studying for the exam and working with a training center to learn everything you need to know about the contractor’s licensing exam.

Upgrade Your Landscaping

Enhancing the statement that your home or office makes doesn’t always need to involve altering the physical architecture itself. You’d be surprised what a little sprucing up of your landscaping can do for your building’s overall effect. Landscape improvements can elevate the appearance of the surrounding areas.

Smartly placed flowers and colorful foliage can accentuate your property beautifully. For homeowners, flowers and small plants lining the driveway or other paved areas can be the cherry on top of a beautiful yard.

If you already have a service that trims and mows the lawn, ask them about further gardening enhancements. You can add shrubs and trees to enhance the contours of your building. The natural world is a work of art, too, and you can create harmony between nature and architecture with the right landscaping choices.

Maximize the Use of Signs (for Businesses)

For businesses, signage is one of the most substantial ways to make your building shine. You might be surprised to learn this area requires prior research.

Before you get started, research your local laws and regulations. Many historical districts have rules on the numbering, sizing, and types of signs allowed for your building.

Most businesses can have one large, on-building sign and a smaller one at the entrance. If you have a separate property entrance, you can have an additional sign there.

Your signage should draw attention but also be in line with the overall building design. Choose colors and font that will catch the eye and match your branding. For example, if you have historical architecture, consider elegant lettering and materials like wood or burnished metals to maintain the vintage appeal.

Embrace Color and Contrast

Something as simple as painting your trim a bright color can transform the architecture without requiring drastic structural changes.

Of course, the color palette you choose should be in line with the building itself. If you have a Mediterranean vibe, for example, look to incorporate bright whites and bold blues. On the other hand, a Spanish villa will look better with creams, oranges, and reds.

Again, with this option, you may need to research your local codes and regulations. If you have to abide by HOA rules, make sure your color palette is permissible.


Whether you rely on attracting walk-in customers or your business is a destination, the architecture matters—it’s an artistic statement. These methods above can transform your building and make it stand out.



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