Industrial designer Tal Batit shared a new work of his studio. The team made a large-scale wall work, which consists of 2000 miniature ceramic elements.
Each piece of the installation is different in color and has a unique shape. Together they form a single pattern inspired by ornaments from traditional Israel carpets.

“I am an Israeli designer who lives in a country that is a “melting pot” of cultures. My mother from Tunisia, my father of Algerian-Spanish descent – all these cultures flow in my veins. And the carpet has always been associated with a souvenir – my grandparents kept carpets from their home countries and hung them on the walls like paintings. There are so many stories in them,” the designer explained.

The “ceramic carpet” is designed in such a way that from different angles its pattern changes radically, unlike the unchanged ornament of a traditional carpet. The work was intended for this year’s Design and Craft Biennale, which was to be held in Tel Aviv.


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