Quilts as Art: Designers Who Make Quilts Look Cool


Not long ago, quilts made their way into the art industry. Many quilters and even textile designers have started to incorporate their sense of style and art into quilts. It can be said that quilts are not limited to beddings only, but also can be placed on your couch or sofa for display. For instance, a solid light grey linen quilt draped over your bed can give a unique look to your personal space, however, many talented designers use a mix of patterns and colors for a timeless appeal that can even be used for decoration.

In case you are wondering, quilts are stitched with multiple layers of cotton and linens and can be used as an extra cozy layer during the colder days. Quilts can be found on trending marketplaces like Instagram and Etsy and don’t seem to go out of trend anytime soon.

You can find super traditional quilts on the market with block printing and even the most modern ones with abstract designs and hand paintings of a vibrant array of colors.

If you are interested in discovering some cool and brilliant quilt designers who can help you set a different and sophisticated vibe in your home, keep reading!

Janet Twinn

Janet Twinn pursued her post-graduate degree in textiles from the University for the Creative Arts Farnham, and she published her first book named “The Art Quilt” in 1997.

She takes inspiration from her drawings and photography and focuses on colors the most. The colors she chooses for her quilt art are even inspired by nature such as browns of wood, greys of stone, and greens of lush spring, and she thinks they are critical in delivering the mood.

In her recent work, she observed a garden filled with flowers and tried to resonate the quilt art with the same textures, patterns, and shapes.

Sue Benner

Sue Benner pursued a degree in molecular biology and her family’s interest in the art field was also embedded in her from early childhood. She uses dyes and paints to bring her creativity and inspiration to life on quilts.

Most of her work contains collages of different designs and vibrant colors that are put together elegantly. Some of her designs are even inspired by the sequence of molecules that she had studied while pursuing her degree.

Other recent works on quilts contain inspiration from nature as well such as land and water, fields and flowers, and atmosphere.

Robin Cowley

Robin Cowley is an artist located in the San Francisco Bay Area, she works on a wide variety of projects ranging from architecture to art quilts. She herself dyes and paints fabrics, and that’s how she takes further inspiration in her designs.

Her creativity comes from the universe, travel, nature, photography, patterns, and colors. Most of her designs include abstract work, however, it’s not limited to it. Her quilt designs can captivate a person from a distance, and they can have a better view of the details along with the feel of multiple textures up-close.


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