The Must-Visit Art Galleries in Miami

Perez Art Museum Miami

Miami is a city rich in art, history, and architecture, reflecting a wide and varied range of historical and cultural experiences. The sights of Miami are not only diverse, but they are also unique, which is only worth its museum collection. Here you will find the best museums around the world, which will enrich your knowledge with historical facts and scientific achievements.

Museums in Miami are the custodians of such an important and incredible heritage that you can now contemplate with your own eyes, and, as a result, get very pleasant memories of something that you might never have seen. We will try to help you explore the scenic, cultural and historical sites of this wonderful resort city.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

The Must-Visit Art Galleries in Miami

Villa Vizcaya is a must-see destination. The site is located right on the shores of Biscayne Bay, on the south side of Miami. This is an Italian mansion that once belonged to industrialist James Deering. It will take you back to the days when Miami was literally buried in green trees.

This chic 34-room mansion, built in the 1910s, surrounded by serene European-style gardens with fountains and sculptures, takes you into the atmosphere of the Renaissance. The villa’s terrace offers breathtaking views of an imposing limestone-carved Venetian barge, making it one of Miami’s most popular sunset filming locations.

HistoryMiami museum

The Must-Visit Art Galleries in Miami

The History Miami Museum is one of the largest private, regional history museums in the southeastern United States. Located in the heart of Miami, it contains over 13,000 artifacts dating from pre-Columbian times. Through permanent and temporary exhibits and exhibitions, you can explore the impact of immigration and tourism on development and technological advancement in South Florida.

Antiques, photographs, and authentic documents show how today’s Miami, the richest cultural and tourist center, grew from an unattractive swampy island. There are a research center and archive, which provides scholars and students with a lot of visual material for writing work.

The HistoryMiami Museum is not just a collection of historical treasures, but an object of national importance because it contains many archaeological finds made in the state. Also, the museum often exhibits the work of contemporary artists, and under the auspices of the famous Art Basel festival, participates in exhibitions.

Patricia & Phillip Frost Museum of Science

The Must-Visit Art Galleries in Miami

A real landmark of Miami is the Patricia and Phillip Frost Science Museum, which clearly shows the influence of science and technology on many aspects of the life of not only people but the whole world. The museum’s wide focus allows visitors to explore everything from the human body, ancient dinosaur history to the latest discoveries by NASA. At the observatory of the planetarium, visitors are offered a real look at the stars and planets of the solar system.

Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum area is equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay. On the territory of the scientific building, one will find fascinating knowledge about what is happening in science.

This center is the best place to understand the importance of technology and evaluate its positive side. For 65 years, year after year, this museum in Miami has been offering a variety of educational programs, opening up interesting knowledge for everyone.

Miami Children’s Museum

The Must-Visit Art Galleries in Miami


This museum in Miami is definitely worth visiting. Excursions here turn into exciting journeys, and viewing exhibits becomes a real scientific experience.

Located halfway between downtown Miami and Miami Beach on the shores of Biscayne Bay, Miami Children’s Museum provides fun for both children and their parents. Everything here is arranged in such a way that while playing, children learn a lot of interesting and informative things with the help of numerous exhibits that vividly emphasize and focus children’s attention on art, history, culture, and other creative abilities. The entire play area of ​​the museum consists of different thematic zones, so the child will not be bored here. The museum is 56,500 square feet and includes 14 permanent galleries, a resource center, hundreds of bilingual exhibits, and teaching materials, as well as a Kid Smart Educational gift shop and Subway restaurant.

Gold Coast Railroad Museum

The Must-Visit Art Galleries in Miami

Opened in 1956, the Gold Coast Railroad Museum is home to 30 historic trains, over 40 cars, trucks, locomotives, and antique railroad equipment. Visitors can ride one of the historic carriages, view the Ferdinand Magellan, a private carriage built for President Franklin Roosevelt, and explore a wide range of train models. The main purpose of this museum in Miami is to preserve and restore historical railway objects and equipment.

Miami Auto Museum at The Dezer Collection

The Must-Visit Art Galleries in Miami

A tour of the Miami Auto Museum at The Dezer Collection is a real boon for car enthusiasts.

A collection of 1,200 vintage classic cars, including the Time Machine, Batmobiles, and a fantastic selection of James Bond cars, motorcycles, boats, planes, helicopters, and gadgets, will surely impress you!

Wings Over Miami Museum

The Must-Visit Art Galleries in Miami

It is located on the Executive Airport grounds. The Wings Over Miami Museum serves as a tribute to veterans, aviators, and aircraft history.

Visitors will find out amazing facts about the rich history of aviation, the scientific basis of flight, and the challenges faced by flying vehicles in the course of their evolution. Special events that will greatly benefit not only the museum but also its visitors include the annual car show. It features a collection of vintage and classic cars and corvettes from the Automobile Club of America and the Sunshine Corvette Club.

Coral Gables Museum

The Must-Visit Art Galleries in Miami

Located in southwest Miami, the Coral Gables Museum clearly captures the Depression of Modernism and Mediterranean Revival.

Founded in 2003, the museum will tell you interesting episodes of local history, tell about the life of the pioneers and the period of the Florida land boom, as well as about urban planning and development of the city as a whole. Here you can explore permanent and traveling art and design exhibits, listen to lectures, attend music concerts, or take a walking tour with a knowledgeable guide. After visiting this museum in Miami, you will get a lot of emotions.

Jewish Museum of Florida

The Must-Visit Art Galleries in Miami

A very informative excursion to the Jewish Museum in Miami, which will take you to the events of 250 years ago. The main building of the museum is located at 301 Washington Avenue and was built in 1936. The main attraction of the Florida Jewish Museum is the mosaic exhibition.

It includes over 500 photographs and artifacts and is the real focal point of the museum. Through visual representations, films, photographs, documents, and artifacts, you will learn how the Jewish people preserved their history, traditions, and culture.

Bass Museum of Art

The Must-Visit Art Galleries in Miami

Bass Museum of Art is a cultural institution created in 1963 based on the collection of the Bass family. All the collected items were donated by the spouses to the city with one demand: the collection of works should be publicly available for everyone who wishes to see it. The buildings of the Miami Beach Art Center and the former public library were chosen to demonstrate the exhibition. The creations of the great masters of the Renaissance are offered for permanent display.

In addition to permanent and temporary exhibitions, the museum offers for viewing and discussion of author’s cinema, various lectures on the themes of art and culture, small concerts, and family excursions.

Young At Art Museum

The Must-Visit Art Galleries in Miami

In order for people to understand art, it is necessary that they become acquainted with their masterpieces from a very early age. The best option for this is the play style, which allows you to show famous works of world-class softly and unobtrusively. This is how new geniuses are raised at the Young at Art Museum. A huge space is allocated for young visitors – over 5 thousand square meters.

Visiting exhibition galleries, young viewers have the opportunity to look at the works of artists of different times and creative directions, to get information about the peculiarities of architecture on the models of Japanese buildings, African villages, Mayan pyramids.

The main thing here is that the vast majority of exhibits can be touched by hand. Young visitors create an interactive installation, with the help of which they fly beyond the stratosphere, invent an imaginary country.

There are so many thematic halls on an area of ​​5 thousand square meters that it is rather problematic to describe everything:

  • ArtScapes tells about the history of rock art, where a child, after watching slides, can try to create his own masterpiece;
  • Avenue will drop the traveler into the New York subway to see the local graffiti;
  • CulturScapes presents the work of contemporary Asian, African, and Latin American artistsж
  • GreenScape pays attention to environmental issues, talks about the connection between art and nature;
  • WonderScape is perhaps the most playful of all the halls of the Young At Art Museum. Here, young visitors under the age of four make an exciting journey into the music and gaming world, where they, along with the way, in an accessible form get acquainted with the basics of scientific knowledge and replenish their vocabulary.

Perez Art Museum Miami

The Must-Visit Art Galleries in Miami

The Perez Art Museum Miami offers its visitors the largest territory and the most memorable collections of artworks. Recently it has changed its name and address. Now it is situated on the coast of the bay between Miami and Miami Beach. This largest institution is named in honor of the patron, who gave more than $ 40 million for its development.

Together with the money, the rarest and most valuable exhibits were transferred to the museum’s possession, which allowed the institution to develop very quickly and actively to an impressive scale while maintaining quality and devotion to science.

PAMM received a very original building, designed with all the nuances of the Miami climate in mind. Inside, the most pleasant conditions are observed to maintain the normal safety of the exhibits. It is truly mesmerizing and is one of the most important exhibits of the museum itself!

In total, the building has three floors, and the foundation is slightly raised to protect against very unusual weather phenomena, for example, if the ocean suddenly decides to rise somewhat. The original shady canopy forms a huge veranda, inviting and inviting to rest on it.

All kinds of tropical plants in a multilevel ecosystem are located under this canopy. They grow right over the heads of the visitors. This is a wonderful sight associated with one of the wonders of the world!

The most attractive conditions for education have been created here. For example, interactive programs, excursions, tabloids, and televisions constantly transmitting the information. Several galleries are connected in one building, which is connected with each other.

The first and third levels are reserved for exhibitions that never change, only improve and improve. Here you can also find an auditorium and a cafe with delicious food. There is a souvenir shop nearby. Also, on the third level of the museum, there is an educational center.

The original infrastructure of the building allows you to quickly and easily move between external and internal collections.

In the huge hall, training videos are constantly broadcast, and incredible views of the bay and the park open from the windows of the second floor. The museum in Miami is a whole 11 square kilometers of a wide variety of exhibits.

There are both historical finds and works of art. There are not only ordinary paintings on the walls of the legendary gallery, but there are also works of mosaic and metal, paintings on natural leather, and much more.

Also, in the PAMM collection, you can find scientific installations, collages, geometric paintings, and a variety of sculptural works. All kinds of celebrations and business meetings are often held on the veranda of the Perez Art Museum in Miami. The Perez Gallery in Miami features incredible performance.

Not only the exhibits attract visitors, but also the interior decoration itself, because this original building is truly admirable.

The museum employs more than a dozen educated guides who enthusiastically tell about the most interesting things. You can write a whole book about each exhibit here.

There is a wide variety of museums and art galleries in Miami. Choose the perfect museum to provide you and your family with an entertaining and educational experience.


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