Today, the Louvre is dusting off its treasures – Louvre Puts Collection Online


Almost half a million works of art are collected on one platform and are available to the widest viewer. For the first time in history, all the works of the Louvre are combined on one digital platform which makes them as accessible as possible for people anywhere in the world.

The database, created for both researchers and art lovers, already contains over 482,000 records, including works from the Louvre and the National Museum of Eugene Delacroix, sculptures from the Tuileries and Carrousel gardens, and works restored after World War II and transferred to the Louvre for safekeeping until they are returned to their rightful owners.

For the first time, the entire collection of the Louvre is available on the Internet, regardless of whether the work is on display in a museum, in other French institutions, or in storage. There are several ways to explore the collections on the site:

  • simple or advanced searches;
  • curated entries;
  • and thematic albums.

An interactive map helps visitors prepare or extend their visit and allows them to explore room by room. The database, regularly updated by museum experts, will continue to grow and reflect advances in research.

Egyptian halls of the Louvre

Louvre President Jean-Luc Martinez says that today the Louvre is dusting its treasures, even the most obscure ones. Now, anyone can access the entire collection of works from a computer or smartphone for free.

The Louvre’s stunning cultural heritage is now just a click away! Jean-Luc Martinez says he is confident that this digital content will further inspire people to come to the Louvre to experience the collections in person.

Recall that due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Louvre is closed for visits from the end of October 2020. Now the institution is carrying out long-planned repairs.

Louvre online tour

Get insight and appreciation of one of the largest museums in the world without visiting it in person with this virtual tour of the Louvre. From the comfort of your home, on any device, you will experience the museum with a licensed guide who will show you behind-the-scenes photos and videos. Listen to facts you may not have heard otherwise, and at the end prepare for a special Q&A session.

Undeniable advantages of the louvre online tour:

  • You have the opportunity to visit the Parisian Louvre without waiting in line and without even leaving your home;
  • The guide conducts a webinar with videos, photos, polls, and more;
  • It is great for both novice Louvre visitors and museum experts.
  • You will end your live Q&A session using the live chat feature.

This is not virtual reality. This is a licensed guided webinar packed with photos, videos, polls, and a fully interactive chat function, making it anything but a video lecture. In the end, you will also find answers to all your questions about the Louvre and Paris.

If you’ve never been abroad or spent every summer in France, enjoy this immersive interactive experience from the comfort of your home. Start times are in Eastern Standard Time. You can use this time zone conversion tool to check what is the start time in your city.

Change the city to “New York” and enter the time you are considering. The tool will calculate what time it is in your area.

Do you want to visit the largest art museum in the world – the Louvre without the crowd? Are you searching for an incredible licensed Louvre guide to introduce you to the museum? Join the Louvre online tour for an unmatched virtual experience.

Louvre masterpieces you need to know

Christ at the Column (Antonello da Messina)

The acquisition of this canvas allowed the Louvre to add to the significant collection of Italian painting an unusually moving work, which belongs to the last period of the activity of the Sicilian artist. Antonello Messina was an innovator and indisputable authority for Renaissance painters.

Madonna of Victory (Andrea Mantegna)

The reason for the creation of this painting, which has been in the Louvre since 1798, was the victory of Francesco Gonzaga at the Battle of Fornovo near Parma. As a result, the altarpiece was donated to the chapel of Santa Maria Victoria.

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci

Mona Lisa or La Gioconda is not only one of the most famous works of Leonardo, but also the most famous woman’s face in the world, which excited the fantasies of scientists, writers, and poets of all times. According to the main version, this priceless painting of the Louvre depicts Lisa Gherardini, the wife of Francesco Giocondo.

The Beautiful Gardener by Raphael

One of the most famous masterpieces of the Louvre was named “The Beautiful Gardener” due to the blooming beauty of a female figure in the middle of the meadow. In addition, this is one of the most famous Madonnas of Raphael, written in his first Florentine period (1504-1508). Then, the artist from Urbino tried his best to move away from the manner of his teacher Perugino and find his own style.

Rural concert by Titian

The most striking thing is the atmosphere of the entire scene, the nostalgic reminder of Arcadia, and a reference to the Venetian Renaissance.

Changed with his wife by Quentin Massey

This work is dated by the artist. 1514 is the beginning of a milestone in the history of secular painting. The huge repetition of this plot is based on the lost prototype of Jan Van Eyck. The painting by Quinten Massei depicts a married couple busy with business. However, the deep moral meaning is easy to read.

The husband looks closely at the scales. A woman, putting her hand on the prayer book, with the trepidation of a person realizing that there is nothing divine in trade, looks at her husband. The cunning of the merchant is compared with obedience to the faith.

The Wedding at Cana by Paolo Veronese

The glittering canvas, intended for the refectory of the Benedictine monastery of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, is a figment of the scenographic imagination of Paolo Veronese, the creator of decorative painting.

The Louvre collection numbers over 300 thousand exhibits. The exhibits of the museum are divided into the following collections:

  • Art of the Ancient World (Ancient East, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome);
  • The art of Islam;
  • Art;
  • Sculptures;
  • Graphic arts;
  • Art objects (arts and crafts).

The Louvre collection numbers over 300 thousand exhibits. Take the chance to explore the stunning collection of the significant museum with the Louvre online tour.


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