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Instagram is not only endless Stories, clothing stores without prices, and memes. You can scroll the ribbon after a hard day (or just for fun): the format of the social network is ideal for studying art while gaining new knowledge can be done without getting up from the sofa. We chose accounts, which are the best way to help with this – without memes, however, did not do. Accounts that will help you keep abreast of the most important exhibitions and new names, as well as to understand the basic terms and get acquainted with the history of art without leaving your phone.

Jerry Saltz is an honored and scandalous art critic whose influence on the modern art market is hard to miss (this year he received the Pulitzer Prize for his works). Saltz’s personal installations are quite similar in spirit to his scathing columns in New York Magazine. If you are ready for a joke about Trump, an abundance of nudity, sarcastic remarks, and rare selfies of Saltz himself, be sure to sign up: mostly the critic publishes works by interesting contemporary and not so many artists, sometimes supplemented by joking or informative descriptions.


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Публикация от Jerry Saltz (@jerrysaltz)

The Great Women Artists. As the name suggests, TJ Boulting Gallery London curator Kathy Hessel talks about women artists and works of art in this installation. In addition to the paintings and sculptures themselves, which are accompanied by interesting personal notes and historical references, the author of the installation publishes reports from the workshops, important news from the art world, and announcements of exhibitions and events, including his own.


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Публикация от Katy Hessel (@thegreatwomenartists)

Nancy Spector is the chief curator and art director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. In her installation, Spector shares her impressions and thoughts about the works of art she has seen in New York and beyond, without hesitation (there is even a warning in the account description that Spector’s comments may not coincide with the position of the museum where she works). It is not difficult to notice that the Feminist Spectator supports the #MeToo movement – and also pays special attention to works of art created by women, migrants and LGBTKIA+ representatives.


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Публикация от Nancy Spector (@nespector)

The former Guggenheim Museum’s Digital Director now holds a similar position at the Jewish Museum of New York. Ja Ja Fei is not a professional art critic, but rather a blogger, but her installations, first of all, are damn beautiful, and secondly, she travels a lot and visits exhibitions in Shanghai, Basel, Paris, London, and other important places in the art world, where she takes pictures of the most important things and gives curious comments, thanks to which you can understand what is going on here in general.


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Публикация от ✌️JiaJia Fei 费嘉菁 (@vajiajia)

Christie’s. The world’s largest auction house clearly has enough resources to run cool detailed installations, where there are not only pictures of interesting lots, but also special headings – for example, tours of collectors’ houses. Here you can read about Japanese engravings, ancient Buddhist monuments, post-war abstraction, modern jewelry, and famous collections – don’t be confused by the fact that under almost every description there is an aesthete, after all, you did not come here to buy.


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Публикация от Christie’s (@christiesinc)

Hyperallergic has been studying for nine years the newest and most provocative things that happen in art – and the most interesting things are published in the installation. This account is good for those who want to keep abreast of the latest news and also gives an idea of how artists react to the current political reality: works by maestros like Damien Hirst are next to a skillfully made vulva costume seen on the “Women’s March”.


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Публикация от Hyperallergic (@hyperallergic)

White Cube. The cult gallery, which started the total museum fashion for white walls, presents internationally famous British artists, including the same Hearst and Tracy Emin. In addition to publications about the works themselves, the White Cube shoots chorizo with curators’ stories and mini-lectures. The Moscow “Garage” does similar interactive things – in the museum’s installations they regularly hold excursions and offer subscribers to ask questions about the exposition to those who invented it.


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Публикация от White Cube (@whitecube)

Saint Hoax creates collages on acute social themes, making works of art from memes. Whether it is another prank by Donald Trump, mishaps at Fashion Weeks, or a Kardashian scandal – the account always keeps its hand on the pulse of pop culture.


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Thankful for family gatherings 🙏🏼

Публикация от Saint Hoax (@sainthoax)

The Museum of Modern Art in New York has already made available half of its collection – 80,000 works of modern and contemporary art. The museum’s installation includes photographs and videos of the permanent exhibition with explanations, as well as recordings of temporary exhibitions and performances.


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The beauty of New York in the rain ❤️ 📸 J. Jay Hirz. “#BrooklynBridge in Rainy Weather.” 1927. Gelatin silver print. © Hirz/Frederic Lewis/Archive Photos/Getty Images

Публикация от MoMA The Museum of Modern Art (@themuseumofmodernart)

For those who have already figured out the intricacies of classical art, there is an account with memes based on the paintings of the Classicism era.


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Corn with a pearl earring ✨ Check out our other account: @classiq.memes for more 🤗

Публикация от Art memes and more ❤️ (

Kulturologist Maria Dyachuk talks about art in simple and clear language. In her blog What’s Art you can find both famous masters and new names: each work is accompanied by a brief history and explanation. From time to time, she gives lectures and masterclasses, so that you can get closer to art in real life.


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Легенда про Минотавра — это правда? 🧐 ⠀ Частично, но да! Большинство исследователей согласны, что эта легенда — красивый и поэтичный пересказ реального ритуала, существовавшего на острове Крит в 1900-1450 годах до н.е. Дело в том, что адепты процветающей там культуры сильно любили быков. А ещё, построили самый настоящий дворец-лабиринт, который хорошо сохранился до нашего времени и легко гуглится под названием «Кносский дворец». И если соединить оба факта и углубиться в тему, то можно узнать также, что у народа этого был обряд ритуальных прыжков через быка — таврокатапсия. Его изображение вы и видите в этом посте. 👆🏻 ⠀ А теперь вспоминаем мифы древней Греции: в лабиринте жил Минотавр и съедал по 12 парней и девушек в год для поддержания фигуры. Бум! 🤯 Пазл сложился. Это люди, которые погибали во время прыжков. Так что да, не все так фантастично в мифах, как кажется на первый взгляд. Хотя, история про превращение Зевса в лебедя, наверное, все таки выдумка 😂

Публикация от What’sArt? (@hey_whatsart)

The account of art director, designer and artist Po Lart introduces the works of contemporary artists and avant-gardists of the twentieth century, diluting the ribbon with aesthetic paintings and photographs.


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Публикация от Hello Artists (@hello_artists)

“Pop my eyes” is an eloquent name for an account about multimedia art. Collages with canvases of old masters works of modern artists and all favorite memes – here you can stick up for a long time and relax after a hard day with aesthetic pleasure.


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Публикация от POP MY EYES (@popmyeyes)






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