Top Tips for an Artist to Promote His Art


If you have just started your career in art, then you have to be very dedicated to building yourself a reputation and a collector base in your area. You would also want to simultaneously move your base to a national or an internal level. Naturally, all artists yearn for two things.

One, they wish to leave a mark in their community or amongst the people who are connected to the medium.

Second, they want to develop an interest, which is experienced by the people who are interested in the same theme as yours.

For this, you need to analyze your position as an artist on two metrics, your connections, and your career. Also, you need to decide the goals that you wish to achieve and give yourself a timeline for it. Lastly, you have to promote your work. Here, we have come up with a few effective tips that can help you promote your work effectively.

Create a portfolio, and use it for promotion

Today, every artist needs a strong portfolio. However, your goal of building one has to be twofold. You have to try to build your brand, and simultaneously package your work. Your portfolio should be such that it becomes easier for you to submit your work in the competitions, make website postings, and create marketing material. The most pivotal element here would be the visual presentation of the art, along with what is likely to attract the audience, such that they are moved by your work.

Here are a few tips that can help you with portfolio development.

  • Every high-exposure picture should be visually compelling and well-executed. Anushka, an artist by passion, and a homework writing expert by profession who is currently employed with TFTH, says that the most quintessential aspect of marketing art is making it an appealing visual.
  • Every photograph must be accompanied by captivating and succinct text. You can provide adequate details, such as title, media, and size. Also, provide some details about the work or write the story, which motivated you to produce this work.
  • A strong artist bio would also be helpful.

Promote your art online

Today, digital marketing is excessively important in all fields of work. Art is no different. There are also online galleries, which are the perfect venue for you to promote your work and grab the attention of art enthusiasts and collectors. You can also make a website that speaks about your work.

Further, you can use digital marketing to promote your work on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Tumblr. If you wish to learn digital marketing, you can find out about the best digital marketing courses on TrumpLearning, as it would make it easier for you to promote your work. Don’t forget to include your socials and the website link on your business cards. You can even put it on your mailing lists. Social media today, is an incredibly popular tool, and a great medium to reach your fans, and create a stronger fan base.

Participate in art competitions

For every new and emerging artist, the best way to gain more exposure to the world of art is by participating in art competitions. Art competitions are a great way to showcase your talent and sometimes even become a stepping stone in helping you launch your career. Some of the benefits of art competitions are:

  • Rihanna, who offers essay help service with TAE, says that about 3-months back she was approached by a student who wanted to get an essay written because he was participating in an art competition, but did not want to lag in his assignments either. Surprisingly, the student not only got an A+ grade in the assignment but also won the competition, and that completely revolutionized his career as an artist. Hence, an art competition is the best way to display your work amongst the people in your field and push you to work harder.
  • With an art competition, you can get your work in front of several editors, curators, and gallerists. It could bring in a positive movement in your career as the winners get extensive promotion benefits.
  • Your work will get massive visibility.

However, you should be careful with the competitions you enter in because this could be a defining movement of your career.


Gregg, an EssayWriter4U associate, says that today in every field, including art, promotion is important. For promoting your work, you need a network, which will introduce you to several different art-based opportunities, which you wouldn’t even know existed if you do not have the requisite network. There are several different ways to build contacts and networks. You can associate with art organizations, actively go for community events, and follow up with your existing buyers. Tell them to share your work with your friends. Don’t forget to leave your card with every new person that you meet.


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