The technique of needlework is based on the laying of subjects on the schemes of rhinestones. Unlike embroidery with a cross or beads, you do not need a needle and thread. With the help of tweezers and colorful fragments in a short time, it is possible to create colorful paintings. Simple technology with precise schemes eliminates errors, even for beginners. You need to be patient, and with jewelry, accuracy fills the cells with decorative squares and beads, reminiscent of a mosaic. They are made of polymers and resins with the addition of pigments. When light is refracted by diamond cutting, they create bright-colored spills and volume effects.


Applied technology appeared in Ancient Greece before our era. It all started with decorating clothes. Precious stones and pearls of the masters laid out patterns on sleeves and collars, fixing them with homemade glue or wax. However, few could afford such a luxury. Beads made of lapis lazuli and burnt clay were used more often in decorative and applied designs.

What is Diamond painting

With the advent of glass in Rome, mosaic art became widespread. In the decoration of clothing used beads, in the decoration of facades and interiors of rooms – colored squares. The addition of antimony, molten lead, and the bone meal turned transparent glass into the smelt. Paintings, stained-glass windows in palaces, and temples were made of enamel, and they admired the mesmerizing play of glare.


Over time, technology has improved. In the Middle Ages, a glassblower appeared, which is considered the ancestor of diamond painting. Even then, canvas with symbols for cross embroidery was used for canvas, and on the wax-coated fabric was laid out along the contours of colored stones. In the XIX century in Russia beads were made by noble ladies and courtiers. Glass beads were embroidered:


Later on, fashion went down. The new wave began with the revival of applied techniques in the middle of the last century. At that time, concepts came into use: “diamond mosaic”, “painting with rhinestones”.

What is Diamond painting

The technique of “filling with color pictures” in the XXI century due to the development of technology and improved. Today it is used for decoration of panels, decorating interior items. All you need for creative work is to buy a set of diamond embroidery in our online store and learn the principle of the attached instructions.

In a classic set:

canvas with an adhesive surface and a painted plot;
colored fragments with 9 and 13 edges;
working tools.
To get to work, remove the protective layer, pour stones into the saucer. Then take the tweezers one stone at a time and spread out into the marked cells.

Plots are decorated with square rhinestones of acrylic, perform partial layouts on canvases with photo-printing beads of rock crystal, creating a 5D effect. On canvases with holograms tweezers “draw” paintings in 6D format. When viewed from the side angles the images come to life. Kits with magic cubes have recently appeared. Due to the specific cut of elements, reflections in sunlight, the canvases acquire volume and brightness.

The ancestor of diamond painting is, of course, the mosaic. Mosaic paintings were very common in Eastern countries. In today’s world, stone embroidery is becoming increasingly popular.

What is Diamond painting

The combination of the result and time spent in creating mosaic paintings is quite profitable. When you embroider paintings beads time is spent much more, and stone embroidery can get a beautiful result in a short time. The advantage of the diamond mosaic is the ease of execution. Diamond painting is available even for novice needlewomen – the picture printed on canvas clearly indicates the location of the stones, this eliminates the possibility of errors.

Diamond painting does not lose its qualities and does not fade over time. Laying on the stones gives the canvas a certain texture and relief, making them bright and colorful. A wide range of colors conveys the smallest shades, allows you to play with the light, thanks to which the paintings are obtained with the effect of 3D-image.

There is a difference in the type of filling the picture:

  • complete, when the whole painting is laid out with stones, forming a monolithic surface;
  • partial, when you only need to embroider certain fragments, and the rest of the space remains printed.

What is Diamond painting

The sets of diamond paintings may include stones of different shapes: round and square. The same painting, laid out with stones of different shapes, looks completely different. Round stones are usually laid out on canvas using a special silicone pencil. Square stones are laid out with tweezers, but for some, it is more convenient to use a pencil for square stones. Working with square stones requires more attention and care because it is necessary to align the contours of each row, trying to each stone to lay a joint in the joint to the previous one. And diamond paintings with round stones are easier and faster to layout, as there is no need to align the edges.


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