Have you heard about the new trend in diamond painting art? It allows painting enthusiasts to do more than just shop for prerendered artwork and licensed art. They can now pick their own photos and create a personalized diamond painting that they will love because they picked it out and crafted it themselves.

If you’re intrigued now, keep reading, because I want to tell you all about this exciting new option in diamond art painting.

Who Makes Custom Diamond Art?

Customized and personalized diamond painting is relatively new, so it is understandable if even those who love diamond painting haven’t heard about it. We have all wanted that option at some point, though. I mean, who hasn’t wanted to take their own photos of their kids, their spouse, their pets or a picture they took of a beautiful sunset and just turn it into a canvas for diamond painting? I think the thought has passed through everyone’s mind who has tried their hand at diamond painting.

These customized paintings are made by a few different sites and suppliers. This isn’t a service that everyone offers yet, even though I think it should be a standard option. Instead, it’s kind of niche for the moment, but that could change. This is the kind of option that could really catch on once more people know about it.  It seems like a no-brainer for the hobby and something that pretty much every supplier will want to adopt as soon as possible.

If the customer is always right, then websites and suppliers of diamond painting art should be bending over backward to accommodate the customers in this. They should be trying make it easy to order paintings based on customer photos, and a few select websites are doing just that.

So, you don’t have to take a printout or file to a shop and request a canvas. You aren’t really going to have to do any work to get a custom diamond painting beyond just uploading it to a website. That is really all that’s required of you, and the site that offers the service does the rest. Pretty simple, and it is so easy that it’s no wonder this trend is really taking off. You might want to visit Etsy If you are looking for nice examples and ideas for custom paintings. Another place you can search for custom arts is Amazon’s marketplace.

Is It Expensive?

Now this is a question you might not have though about in regards to a personalized diamond painting, but now that it has been asked, I bet you’re curious. So, how much would it cost you to order diamond painting by demand?

You actually shouldn’t have to pay anything for the customizing service itself. Yes, the canvas and kit will cost you, btu it should all be the same price as a typical diamond painting. You shouldn’t have to be paying anything extra for the supplier to use your photo to make the canvas and kit that they sell to you. All of that should be included in the price, if you are buying from a reputable supplier.

Now, some companies are not very good to their customers and may charge extra for this service. That is going to happen sometimes, and you probably want to steer clear of those companies. I would suggest taking a look at the customized painting polices and pricing before you make a purchase, just to make sure you aren’t being taken advantage of. The process is simple and cheap for the company, so they should not be charging you a lot (or anything) for it.

How Do You Use It?

Okay, so you have your custom diamond painting and you are wondering how to complete the project. The good news is that the customized paintings are going to work the same way that the regular paintings do.

So, that means that for your diamond painting by demand you will need to lay out your diamonds, whether they are round or square. You can put some into a sorting tray and also peel the clear film cover off of the canvas. This will leave you with an exposed, sticky surface that is perfect for applying diamonds to.

You will then need to use the diamond painting pen and dip it into the wax that should be provided with the custom diamond painting kit. That helps make it easier to pick up the diamonds and place them. Then that’s exactly what you do- pick up the diamonds one by one and place them onto the canvas in the right spot. Just like with the regular canvas for diamond painting, each part of the grid will be marked with the color of diamond that is supposed to go there.

It’s all pretty easy and straightforward, even if you have never done a diamond painting before. This is a simple enough process that anyone can do it and have fun doing it. In case you want to dive a bit deeper, I recommend reading this article that well explains what exactly custom diamond painting is, written by Diamond Painting House, a website which I really like. Of course, you are going to have even more fun if you are using your own photos and completing a custom diamond painting. The possibilities for what you can create and what kind of pictures can be turned into paintings is practically endless.



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