Young Artist Eunice Yunjeong Lee Revamps the Story of the Artwork – F*ck Art: The Body & Its Absence In Her Wide Range of Designing Practice at Museum of Sex

(F*ck Art: The Body & Its Absence Exhibition Design, by Eunice Lee)

The outstanding exhibition designer Eunice Yunjeong Lee is thrilled to join the Museum of Sex, a value-oriented platform where her talent is allowed to be fully shown. Lee is involved in numerous categories of exhibitions, stage & space designs, and branding projects. And now with various artworks and photographs on display; Lee’s creation is favored extensively throughout New York City.

As she declared herself, “I am working on different forms of artistic creations from graphic design to events and exhibitions. I’m not biased toward either side and I’m very happy that I can be part of these projects.”

Lee has presented a variety of great artworks, with F*ck Art: The Body & Its Absence being the most recent one that’s published. This excellent exhibition design work is a reintroduction of a project that took place ten years ago, where artists used the body as a charged and fluid meaning-making agent, exploring nuanced evocations of erotism.

Lee preserved the original structural framework while adding a new focus on branding so that each piece could be noticed. This turned out to be an unexpected change because the old branding was chic and trendy enough which made the rebranding difficult. Lee focused on naivety, rather than the rebellion and straightforwardness of the old version to capture the feeling of casually raising the middle finger. And the results were surprisingly satisfactory.

As a designer, Lee is responsible for establishing a balance between the overall big picture and the fine details in every exhibition. Making sure each subtle erotic element is given the same attention as the whole exhibition design can sometimes be challenging, but Lee is enjoying this process very much because that’s what enriches the brand.

(F*ck Art: The Body & Its Absence Exhibition Design, photo by Daniel Salemi;
all rights reserved by Museum of Sex)

Lee has built a minimalist but playful style, which may seem like a contradiction but many great artworks were created in that direction. Instead of struggling with one routine, a mix tends to become an advantage of exhibition design, especially for temporary exhibitions where it is necessary to develop a completely different design direction for each exhibition’s identity.

Lee has always dedicated herself to exhibition design and has become even more enthusiastic about it through the practice of virtual exhibition. She catches her inspiration by going to exhibitions of New-York based artists that cover a wide range of topics on weekends. Lee believes narratives exist in different scenes and really enjoys the process of expanding on the very first page of those narratives.

Right now Lee is engrossed in the preparation of the upcoming exhibitions. She is expected to combine spatial design with exhibition design and will continue her exhibition-designing career under suitable conditions with how to present in a more creative direction being a new challenge.

Author Alexandre Smith


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