Britney Spears Sold Her Picture For $10,000


American pop star and frequent heroine of articles in the tabloid press Britney Spears can now consider herself a recognized artist. In October this year, the singer launched a viral video into the network to the music of Mozart, where she draws flowers in the open air. Now this “child creativity” found a buyer.

Britney Spears sent her still life to the charity sale of Vegas Cares, where he was bought for 10 thousand dollars by American-British television presenter Robin Leach. He was the leading auctioneer, but when it came to the creation of the singer, he could not resist and bet himself.

The auction was organized in favor of the victims of the massive shelling that occurred in Las Vegas last month.

TV presenter Robin Leach with Britney Spears masterpiece worth $ 10,000. Photo: johnnykats1 on Instagram

“I was happy to participate in the auction. The flowers in my picture represent a new beginning, and it’s in this spirit that we are moving forward, “Spears said in her video appeal. The singer began to take an interest in painting in 2015. She gave a new hobby to a special room, where she draws on the walls and does “all such crazy things.”

The money collected at the auction Vegas Cares, will go to erect a memorial to those killed as a result of shooting at the audience at the country festival in Las Vegas on October 1. Recall, 64-year-old local resident Stephen Paddock for several minutes watered the bursts of machine from the 20-thousand crowd, and then committed suicide. The shooter was on the 32nd floor in the hotel room next to the stadium. As a result of the terrorist attack, 58 people were killed, and more than 500 were injured.