Nate Freeman simply posted one of these epic quote-machine memories in ArtNews about Christie’s approach during the last numerous months to reclaim its throne because the dominant residence in cutting-edge art. obviously Freeman specializes in Brett Gorvy’s departure from the auction house. inside the procedure, Freeman casts doubt upon Christie’s big Lichtenstein sale and tells stories of Daniel Loeb and Loic Gouzer sniping within the Instagram feedback.

But none of this is without a doubt news, so allow’s just bypass in advance to the high-quality fees within the story. in case you really want a refresher, study it here. in any other case, right here are the sound bites a good way to make you are saying, ‘Oh, snap!’

“One in all my colleagues at Christie’s has been pronouncing, ‘You don’t need the can also sales to be robust—you want to appearance precise!’ ” Gorvy informed me. “however it’s pretty the other. You construct your legacy, [and] the closing component you need is to depart and locate that the entirety falls apart.”
“While Brett introduced he become leaving,” Gouzer advised me, “i used to be excessive as a kite on 30 mg of oxycodone. you could tell me the sector had come to an end, you may shoot a bullet in my different knee, and i’d not experience it.”
Gouzer on his dating with Alex Rotter: “We’re bros, basically,” Gouzer stated, earlier than recalling how they met at Sotheby’s in London. “My internship consisted of slicing and pasting catalogues on cardboard files. That was supposed to be my task, but most of the time, i might simply sniff the glue.”
Talking with me in her workplace in March, preserving up a ringing smartphone—one among her a couple of phones—Friedlander advised me, “actually, right now, as I’m sitting here with you, I’m last.”
Gouzer on landing Twombly’s Leda and the Swan in Japan: The specialists had navigated complicated eastern ceremonies earlier than and, as they got in the direction of the cease of an endurance test, moved right into a carefully calibrated dance to persuade the collector that Christie’s would be the residence that dealt with the work great.