Enjoy Pablo Picasso’s Art on the Online Auction

“Mittelmeerlandschaft”, Pablo Picasso

LONDON. – Pablo Picasso was a person who became an art story like no other. Using his ability to practically every picture, Picasso filled every part of the culture with his sign immediately recognizable, yet regularly developing – style. The online auction will keep the surviving heritage of the artist with pictures from across Picasso’s entire art in both date and field, including portraits, drawings, unusual ceramics, publications, photos, and even paint palettes.

More than sixty works in the auction come from the private collection of the artist’s granddaughter, Marina Picasso, and with estimates beginning from £400, going up to £400,000, this is an excellent chance to jump into the world and work of this extraordinary artist. The pictures will be presented to the people, with appropriate security limitations in place, from 15 to 18 June, and viewing is possible by appointment on the query, before those dates.

“Over the past several times we have noticed an especially powerful interest for Picasso as specialists over the world try to get pictures of all years by the most recognized artist of our time. This auction provides the viewer to search the complete range of his creation, and encourages them to choose their favorite from decades of experimentation – with subjects varying from the sporty matador and fantastic minotaur to the variable muses that created their impression.” – Holly Braine, art Specialist.


Enjoy Pablo Picasso's Art on the Online Auction
“Autour des arènes”, Pablo Picasso, circa 1900, (est. £250,000 – 350,000)

Pablo Picasso, “Autour des arènes”, circa 1900, pastel on cardboard (est. £250,000 – 350,000)

Completed just before the artist arrived in Paris, this excellent picture represents the great facade of the Barcelona bull-ring and well-heeled people gathered around its way in expectation of the day’s events. The picture is animated by action and a warm palette, indicating at the drama, show, bravery, and destruction to come. Picasso’s eldest surviving art dates to when he had just become eight and is a little portrait of a picador on a horse and this artistic organization from the artist’s Spanish legacy regularly appeared as a theme during his life.

Enjoy Pablo Picasso's Art on the Online Auction
“Autour des arènes”, Pablo Picasso, circa 1900, (est. £250,000 – 350,000)

“Le Poussin (Baer 214)”, Pablo Picasso, 1907, (est. £30,000 – 50,000)

Pablo Picasso, Le Poussin (Baer 214), 1907, woodcut printed by hand in dark blue and bright blue gouache (est. £30,000 – 50,000)

Picasso met bibliophilist, Guillaume Apollinaire, in the Amsterdam cafe in 1904, when both were in their mid-twenties, and forged a strong friendship until the poet’s death in 1918 during the flu epidemic.

This unique early print is one of eight recognized forms offered by Picasso for Apollinaire’s poetic collection Le Bestiaire. The calligraphic forms of these creature illustrations were engraved on one block and composed in various colors. The art was a personal interest for Picasso, who inherited a lifetime passion of birds from his father, the artist José Ruiz y Blasco. This widely-exhibited piece boasts possesses an unusual provenance having begun in the collection Gertrude Stein, taken from her property deal with John Hay Whitney and stopping up in the countryside of Christopher Cone and Stanley Seeger.


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