London Gallery Sales Andy Warhol’s Collection Only For Bitkoins


The London Dadiani Fine Art Gallery will auction the picture of Andy Warhol “14 small electric chairs”, with the condition that the work can only be purchased for cryptography, such as bitcoin or etherium.

Only 49% of the work will be offered for sale. The buyer will receive a digital certificate of partial right to work. According to the owner of the gallery Eliza Dadiani, Warhol’s painting is the most expensive work of art ever sold in a similar way. The implementation of the project will help blocking the platform Maecenas: it will give buyers digital certificates of partial ownership of the picture. Who will save the picture, the owners decide between themselves.

“We create a story,” says Dadiani. – “This work of Warhol – just the beginning. In the future, with the help of block technologies, many works of art will be sold. ”

Currently, the work in 1980 is worth $ 5.6 million. This is about 730 bitches. For a part of the picture put a reserve price of $ 4 million. Also, buyers will have to act in accordance with local regulations to rule out the possibility of money laundering. The bids that the gallery organizes together with the block-box platform will be held on June 20. This is far from the first case when a work of art is sold for cryptography. However, this time the price will be record.