Lucky Yard Sale Find Turns Family Into Millionaires


Yard sales are a great place to discover forgotten treasures. While you might not always find something worth a lot of money, the important thing is that it’s valuable to you. Of course, that doesn’t stop us from dreaming about finding an original Picasso or Babe Ruth baseball card hidden among stacks of old magazines and VHS tapes.
Well, for one New York family, that dream became a reality. Who knows what they were looking for when they stopped by that fateful yard sale, but it probably wasn’t a piece of history from halfway across the globe. Keep reading to learn what that lucky family found that turned them into millionaires overnight.

In 2007, a family living in New York visited a yard sale. They were probably expecting to find some good deals on kitchenware and old paperback novels. Maybe a unique piece of furniture, if they were lucky. None of them were prepared for the treasure they were about to discover. The family has requested to remain anonymous, and when you hear what they found, you’ll understand why.

Sitting among the used plates and silverware that day was a small, white bowl.
Intrigued by its unique floral design, the family purchased it for the low price of three dollars.

They took it home, placed it on their mantel, and admired it for many years before they decided to investigate its history. When they did finally get it appraised, they couldn’t believe where it came from.
The $3 bowl was actually 1,000 years old and worth more than they ever could have dreamed. A relic of China’s Song Dynasty, this tiny dish is rare because there’s only one other one like it in existence. Sotheby’s, the famous London auction house, gave it an estimated presale value between $200,000 and $300,000. When it finally went to auction, however, it was purchased for $2,225,000 by art dealer Giuseppe Eskenazi. That means they got back 741,666 times what they had originally invested – not bad for an afternoon spent browsing a yard sale!