‘MacDougall’s is an absolute leader in the sector of Soviet art.’ – William MacDougall, The Main Director


Auction House MacDougall’s with great success held the auction of Russian art in London. Participants of “Important Russian Art Auction” was able to buy paintings by famous Russian artists as Alexander Deineka, Vasily Polenov, Leonid Solomatkin, Ruthin Sudkovskyy, Konstantin Korovin. Usa ART newS previously reported: “Two Masterpieces By Aleksandr Deineka Re-united In London.”

The famous canvas of Alexander Deineka “The Heroes of the First Five Year Plan” was released from the hammer for 2,800,000 GBP. This was a new world record for the artist, which surpassed the previous world record – 2,248,000 GBP at MacDougall’s set two years ago.

Aleksandr Deineka, Heroes of the First Five-Year Plan, c. 1936. Was sold for 2,800,000 GBP

“The excellent result for Deineka, as well as the new world record set for Milnikov, proves that McDougall is an absolute leader in the sector of Soviet art.” – William McDougall explained.

In these trades, this is not the only record. Two more paintings by well-known Soviet masters were sold for a record amount. So, the work of Sudkovskogo “Storm near Odessa” with an estimate 400,000-800,000 GBP was kicked off for 457,000 GBP. Sudkovsky was recognized as a great artist during his lifetime. His paintings are highly valued in the international art market. Along with the names of great artists, his name was added to the treasury of world culture.

Rufin Sudkovsky, Storm near Odessa, 1881. Was sold for 457,000 GBP

Painting by Andrei Milnikov’s “Swimwear by the River” was sold for 294,300,00 GBR, while the initial score was GBP 50,000-70,000. In his work, Andriy Milnykov was the successor of the best traditions of the national fine arts.

Andrei Mylnikov, Bathers by the River, 1974 50,000–70,000 GBP

MacDougall’s sales amounted to over 76%, which is exceptionally high for Russian art trades.

MacDougall’s is a British auction house, founded in 2004 by William and Catherine McDougall. By sales volume is 5-6 place in the UK. Specializes in Russian art and in this area is the third largest auction in the world. The auction room is located in London. Representatives in Paris, Moscow, and Kiev.