Mary Weathford Enters Anderson Collection at Stanford Among First Gifts

Anderson Collection patrons Christine Nicholas and Julia Procopé stop to discuss the Mary Weatherford’s, “black painting” a gift of Debra and Steven Wisch'83, in honor of the Anderson family.

When Hunk and Moo Anderson gaive their art collection to Sanford University, it was a bit of surprise. The collection was much sought after by major museums and Stanford had no permanent collection. Now the first new works have been added to the 121 originally.

Among the 86 artists the Andersons collected were Bill Jensen and Manuel Neri, whose trust donated 11 works. Mary Weatherford is a California painter whose work is being donated by two Stanford graduates:
New to the collection is Bill Jensen’s watercolor and gouache Study for Denial, 1985-86; three sculptural works and eight works on paper ranging from 1958 to 1997 by Manuel Neri; and Mary Weatherford’s black painting, 2017.


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