Saturday, May 15, 2021


Multiple Trustees Resign from Detroit Institute of Arts

Amid disagreements over the leadership of the Detroit Institute of the Arts, seven members of the museum's board have resigned. According to Art Newspaper, the members' departure followed the leaked recording of the November...

How Goro Miyazaki son of Anime Legend Squandered Studio Ghibli’s Legacy

It is difficult to overstate the legacy of storytelling and artistry that Hayao Miyazaki has built over the years as a director and co-founder of Studio Ghibli, the Japanese animation studio. When he retired...

Top 9 reasons for Calcium Deficiency and How to treat this?

Calcium is essential for the bones, and it makes strong bones. It's the main part of the primary structure of the skeleton. Do you know calcium is the abundant mineral found in the human...

Lack Or Excess Of Sleep: Which Is More Harmful To Your Body

The lack or excess of sleep affects not only the state of health but also the state of the body. In this article, we will identify the harms of both: lack and excess sleep. Effects...

Is Jogging Good For You? 7 Benefits Of Jogging Regularly

Not everyone likes to run or go jogging early in the morning. Some find it tedious, energy-consuming, and boring. But if you are not jogging yet, then we want to motivate you to do...

Los Angeles museums reopen their doors

Los Angeles Museums were dormant while the pandemic's restrictions were aimed at containing the spread of COVID-19. However, with the rollout of the vaccine and the emergence of cities to a new level, museums...

Hong Kong’s M+ museum building is finished and will open in 2021

Herzog and de Meuron's highly anticipated design is coming to an end as the Hong Kong Museum of Visual Culture aims to open in 2021. It was announced that the upcoming M + Museum of...

Garrett Bradley’s Time Nominated for Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature

Garrett Bradley's 2020 documentary "Time" has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Feature-Length Documentary. The movie was produced and directed by Bradley. Time follows Cybil Fox Richardson (aka Fox Rich) as she...

The Top 5 Royalty-Free Music Genres for Gaming Videos

To make beautiful audio tracks, SevenSkiesMusic has almost everything which likes by the musicians and music experts. People who need qualitative sound, quality music for various purposes, they have best options to use the...

Works of Art at the Rose Art Museum

The Rose Art Museum has been collecting and exhibiting contemporary art at Brandeis University since 1961. Through its respected international collection, science exhibitions, and multidisciplinary academic and community programs, The Rose Art Museum affirms...

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