Now, little Cassie is five years old, but he became a celebrity almost three years ago when her mother published pictures of a girl. Then my mother did not immediately believe that a three-year-old girl can create such intricate patterns. But modest Cassie could create a picture even when she is being watched and even in the television studio – which is true, it takes a lot of time for this. Now the income of the Cassi family is estimated in thousands of dollars – the pictures of the baby are at odds with incredible speed.

The full name of Cassie is Cassandra Gee. Together with her mom and dad, she lives in Sydney, Australia, and as an ordinary child, she likes to play on the beach, spending time with friends, she likes fairies and cakes, but besides – she likes drawing. She painted her first painting at the age of three. “It’s just that we had a lot of time, Cassie had a lot of energy, and I have a lot of patience, and by chance, a lot of colors.” Well, somehow it all gave such a result, “Linda’s mom tells.

Linda is also an artist, but she admits: “Cassie draws in a completely different style, and to be honest, I think it’s much better than me.” The girl pours paint directly from the can to the canvas and carries acrylic with her fingers, or even with a fork, turning the canvas back and forth, so that the colors spill naturally, and on top can still sprinkle with sequins “to be beautiful.”

This description of drawing is peculiar to children – but the result is quite worthy of the work of an adult. The fact that another child would have just become stupid, this talented girl turns into real galaxies, into abstract canvases that you really want to consider, and which literally emit positive emotions. As Cassie herself says, she sometimes even deliberately adds metallic colors to her canvases, “to make the pictures happy.”

It can be assumed that the parents just cash in on their child, but in numerous interviews and TV shows in which Cassie appeared, she quite sincerely says that she really likes drawing. Mom also teaches the daughter that the money earned by Kass at such a young age should be able to spend wisely: something is postponed to the study of the girl, something is wasted right now, and most of the money goes to charitable organizations, including helping the blind, Patients with cancer, last year they even transferred money to help establish a water tank near the school in Cambodia.