Lee Madgwick is an artist with the modern art gallery Byard Art Cambridge. His paintings symbolize scenes of exhaustion, solitude in both urban and rural areas.

A Murder, 2014

The art by Lee Madgwick is recognizable. His supernatural, but at the same time, dream visual riddles, it seems, was caused directly by his subconscious. Madgwick paintings, although remarkable in their silence, have a color of apprehension.

No cold callers. By Lee Madgwick

As Lee Madgwick says: “I hope to achieve a sense of drama in my work [by] presenting a familiar image yet placing it in an intimate and moody setting. A narrative is very important, but intentionally never fully explained. I like to leave it for the viewer to come up with their own interpretation.”

Topiary, 2014

After studying graphic design at the Norwich University College of the Arts, graduating in 2003, Madgwick was awarded the Wyss Foundation Painting Award at the 44th Eastern Open in 2013, and at the beginning of this year was admitted to the Royal Society of British Artists.