“Give me a story about a man, and I’ll write it on canvas”

© AmmirGallery

Do you think that no portrait can not surprise you? Let’s see! Project AmmirGallery creates portraits in an extremely rare style – spontaneous realism. Each of their paintings tells the story of one person’s life, painted on canvas. The project’s founders Herman Kurbanov aka Ammir and Maxim Demchenko come from St. Petersburg. It is based on a unique concept that allows you to create personalized portraits reflecting the inner world of the people depicted on them. Individual approach to each hero of a new work allows you to reveal the canvas character features, and sometimes key moments of biography.

The artist Ammir is an architect by education. The secret of the author’s pseudonym is kept in the strictest secrecy. From under his brush come out really spectacular and colorful works. The work of this master is an amazing symbiosis of talent and the acquired experience of classical and modern art. It was he who in due time became the ideological inspirer of AmmirGallery. About the intricacies of working with the domestic and world market, the choice of colors and techniques, as well as the feelings that their work causes, co-founder AmmirGallery Maxim Demchenko told in an interview for UsaARTnewS.

UsaARTnewS: Tell us how it all began?

The fact is that we have been friends since childhood. Once Ammir painted my portrait in this style. This was the starting point – a beautiful proposal to work together. We still consider this portrait the best one that we have created – it was modified several times and brought to perfection.

UsaARTnewS: And how was the concept born?

At the same time with the portrait. The fact is that at the time of writing Ammir was really inspired, because he knew me well, was familiar with my image, inner world, dynamics of my development. We realized that it is very important to know what a person is for whom we will make a portrait. Hence the idea: “Give me a story about a man, and I’ll write it on canvas” Every picture that is created by the artist is not an accidental set of colors, but an individual story that describes the whole life.

UsaARTnewS: How do you achieve this?

Each of our clients first necessarily has a personal interview, and only after that a picture is created. The questions are quite simple, but they are also important, because they reflect those moments that help the artist in his work: in choosing colors, styles, transitions, even brush strokes. For example, I often ask: “What do you dream about?”. And at this moment it does not matter to me whether a person wants to run around the fields or lie on the beach, have his own yacht or learn how to fly an airplane. It’s not that he answers, but how. In what moments does he hesitate, when he speaks seriously, and where his eyes light up. I fix these key places in my diary, and then I pass it to the artist with my comments. In the art world, this is called “inspiring the soul.” It is this way that gives rise to the maximally individual, private history.

Ammir about the creation of portraits: “It is very important for me to go through the

entire process of creation from beginning to end. I do not do the same jobs,

because all people are different, everyone has their own story.

I try to write something unique; something that reflects the uniqueness of each person.

And every new work for me – a new search “