The work of the Swiss artist Andy Denzler is rather original. His paintings seem blurry, fuzzy and vague. Such avant-garde approach to art and the manner of writing, which has already become not only its distinctive feature, but also its handwriting, allows the artist to fully express his feelings and feelings. With all the fact that his expressionism is a highly distorted image, every work shows us a high skill of execution. Clear forms and images, clearly thought out abstract blur, which never spoils the impression of painting. To achieve this effect, you need to be a true professional artist, which Andy Denzler, in principle, is.

In addition, Andy Denzler is an excellent photorealist or hyperrealist. If you look at the pictures, it becomes clear that behind the characteristic blurred images are images that were created with photographic accuracy. Photorealism coupled with abstract expressionism has become very famous and popular, with the filing of this remarkable creator, throughout the world.

Andy Denzler is an artist from Switzerland. He was born in Zürich in 1965. On his account more than 20 solo exhibitions, a large number of group exhibitions. Exhibitions took place both in his homeland, and in other countries of Europe, in America, in Russia. His paintings are part of the permanent exhibitions of many museums and major exhibition centers. In Moscow, the work of the artist can be seen in the Museum of Modern Art.