Artist Andre Carpin Will Take You To The World Of Another Reality


“Make always your painting be an opening over the world”

Leonardo Da Vinci

Claiming to stand as an artist may be wished by anyone, but living his own daily artist’s identity comes within some abilities, practice, and kind of natural gift. It’s basically a gift which is proposed by the artist through his approach… Andre Carpins one is, according to him: “resolutely orientated towards human Being”.

Thus, overall paintings we are noticing the four elements tapped: earth, fire, wind, and water. These are always referring to human figure; sometimes surrounding it; sometimes representing it as the main character. The human spectator is free to find his place anyhow. An interpretation of creation and the real world is inevitable. Huge volumes, appearing alternatively with human, vegetal or animal looks, are breaking out the canvas as “life sensors”. The role of the painter is staging scenes and showing the viewer how to enter a “half-real” world.

In order to strengthen the attractive effect, the painting is sometimes wrapped with a king of the membrane. Which role does it have? Is it like a corporeal envelope that must be broken through in order to meet the subject represented? Is it a curtain raiser? A wall? A filter? A way to access to another reading? Once this door is passed over, there is another domain to discover… Thus, it’s a journey, which is actually suggested by Andre Carpin. Be aware, such a journey might be quite puzzling!

“Icare” Andre Carpin

Born in Lyon in 1952, son of a famous baritone, Andre Carpin early develops an attraction for drawing, painting and general arts. He studies from 1968 to 1971 at Beaux-Arts School of Lyon where he was a student of Hubert Le Mab in painting lessons, Jean Fusaro in Sculpture and René Chancrin’s drawing classrooms. He completes his learning in Paris Beaux-Arts Superior School from 1972 to 1977; especially at Gustave Singier’s workshop where he meets few leading figures of whom he knew how to distinguish himself out. He refuses to take part of collective expositions as he was concerned about being “classified” in a rank…

He doesn’t stop his painting anyway. Combinating imagination, regular practise of his art and strong academical basements, Andre Carpin creates his own identity. He becomes an informatics engineer in 1981 and keeps going with his professional activity during next years. Starting from 1998, after he had got rid of all premises, Andre Carpin decides to take his artistical production up again. This return to his roots, this resurgence from old fertile ground revivifies the field of his creativity.

“Octobre” Andre Carpin

Armed with competences and socio-professional knowledges gained during his life, Andre Carpin devotes his full time to his passion for fine arts. In constant evolution made with questioning and refocusing on himself, Andre Carpin renews his thoughts and follows new ways, his painting goes on into this dynamic. Convinced that we should not be satisfied with facilities, Andre Carpin take benefits from plurality of his experiences to explore his art and perfect his technicals. Although he (necessarly) followed a “conventional” professional way, he has always known how to preserve his artistical identity and maintain it fruitful enough. “The Artist stands up as an artist under the condition to be double and not to ignore any phenomena of his own double nature.” Charles Baudelaire, Curiosités esthétiques.