Lovely drawings by Curitiba, Brazil-based artist Lucie Salgado. Embracing solitude and time spent indoors, her work offers something of a meditation on humans’ relationship with nature.

While often seen as set apart from or in opposition to the natural world, Salgado explains: “In drawing humans, my intention is never to have us rise above nature, but to acknowledge we are an expression of nature ourselves. My drawings are a humble attempt to capture some of the simplest and yet purest expressions of life, of nature; or perhaps, they are nature for itself, seeking expression through art, and through me.”

Lucie Salgado (a.k.a. Luciana Salgado; b.1993) is a self-taught artist from Recife, currently residing in Curitiba, Brasil. Marked by an exploration of extremes, Salgado’s body of work will range from the delicate monochromatic realism of her figurative drawings to the organic bursts of colour, textures, and forms of her abstract paintings. Though they might seem visually disconnected to the inattentive eye, her drawings and paintings can together be perceived as an expression of her out-of-the-ordinary sensitivity, which at times will have her scrutinize the world around her, whilst at orders it will force her into pure escapism.