Brosmind is the name by which we found the brothers Juan (1978) and Alejandro (1981) Mingarro. Although they were born in Binetfar and have Huesca as the backdrop of a city of childhood impressions and memories, their professional career ended with their installation in Barcelona, ​​where in 2006 they founded their studio to face both commercial and personal illustrations. This is one of the most successful Spanish studios. Honda, McDonald’s or Nike are just some of the large multinational corporations that approached them for commission projects.

A sample that makes a tour of many works of this family tandem, where, above all, we find a large number of those more personal and outcasts. From the first vignettes, when they were children before their last creations, illustrations, and also constructions, imaginary toys, video and installations. The work of a great identity based on the mood, optimistic, imagination and greater creative freedom, which takes life in a very personal style.

One of the premises that we find on the route developed by the curator is the fraternal connection between Juan and Alejandro and the way their children’s work could manage those that were held many years later professionally.

On this own Mingarro commented that after several years of teamwork they turn to the creative process and that the style of both is the same, own Brosmind. Once they finished the first drawing of the pencil, which contains absolutely all the details, it’s Juan who inked by hand, and Alejandro, who paints it in Photoshop.

As they say, every event is a new challenge, for which they always try to offer something unprecedented. In particular, three works at the exhibition were developed for this exhibition. All of them are aimed at attracting attention and using visitors, which gives the exhibition an experimental character.

One of them, motorcycles (2016), single sliders, which act as a vehicle with installed audio guides and which take us at the beginning of the route. Brosmind Tech 1-3 is a series of technological gadgets that will help us, in an absurd but effective way, in making decisions that are difficult to organize, and whose design involves the revision of arcade machines and consoles with what the artists have grown.