We are used to the fact that magnificent paintings are painted with oil, tempera or acrylic, but we do not think that there are a lot of other materials that are equally full and self-sufficient in creating works of art. Just imagine: Cath Read draws amazing pictures with pastels! This English artist is inspired by provincial landscapes and sea views, and then reproduces them on paper and turns out something incredible. Detailed study of each fragment is amazing: you can watch these pictures for hours, tracing the movements of the hand of the master.

Cath Read: Provincial English Landscapes Cath Read: Provincial English Landscapes

Cath Read received a classical art education at the Loughborough College of Art. The academic base served as a good help at the beginning of her career. As the artist herself admits, great attention was paid in the educational institution to the skills of drawing and painting, which gave a good basis for self-discipline in managing her own projects and self-organization as a professional artist. However, for many years Kat worked not for herself and only in adulthood – after 50! – fully able to devote all his time to art. Cath Read: Provincial English Landscapes