His energetic and bold angular oil paintings, Australian artist Catherine Abel, creates under the influence of the Art Deco movement, the early 20th century. She manages to harmoniously combine the classical style with the complex (not exceeding the limits of decency) theme of modern female sexuality, resulting in unusually seductive compositions consisting of an amazing mixture of strength and beauty. Under the influence of the early works of Picasso, Braque, and Salvador Dali, and more recently Andre Lot and Tamara de Lempicka, her works have acquired their own, truly original style.

Katerina Abel began her professional career in painting in 2000, when, at the invitation of one of the galleries, she moved to Paris. During her stay there, and later travel to Italy, the artist was fascinated by the canvases of Renaissance masters. “They had a big impact on my technique and the desire to make a woman’s body a model of beauty and grace.” Katerina returned to Australia after 3 years of life and exhibitions in Paris and San Francisco.

Thanks to her obvious talent, it took her a little time to prove herself in Sydney, as a gifted artist, to continue exhibiting and successfully selling her paintings both in her homeland and abroad.

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