Seoul-based artist WanJim Gim illustrates the form and gesture of the human body using complex hatched layers of color and dramatic lighting. He adds intrigue to poses that could be considered traditional figure drawing studies by adding abstracted lines and watercolor washes that integrate the fragmented body parts into a larger visual field.

In an interview with Trending All Day, the artist describes his inspiration and process: “I’m interested in expressing body temperature and skin smell and am studying the relationship between color and energy (Qi) for my work… Currently I usually use oil pastel and colored pencils. They both have limited colors, so I need to overlap them to produce a color that I like. Even if I can’t express the color that I intend to make, I am satisfied with the exceptional effect coming from the imperfectness.”

Wanjin Gim was born on August 04, 1981 in South Korea. Leo is the perfect sun sign for a prospering Painter.

Visual artist who is best known for his paintings and drawings which he posts to Instagram for his 100,000 followers. His work is often a combination of colors and shading that lead to portraits and other subtly abstract and impressionistic pieces.

He first began posting pictures to his Instagram on March 31, 2016.

He was featured in an interview on TrendingAllDay’s website where he discussed his inspiration, style, and technique.

He was born and raised in South Korea.  He mentioned  Lucian Freud  as his favorite artist in an interview with TrendingAllDay.

Gim studied animation in university, but began creating in his current style in earnest after coming across the work of painter and draftsman Lucian Freud.

He shares his work on Instagram, as well as on his website.