Duy Huynh is a young talented artist and illustrator, a Vietnamese by birth, now living in California.
In illustrations of Huynh, his life is reflected, in which the traditions of Asian culture are harmoniously intertwined.

In the early 1980s, when he was still the only child, his parents fled from their difficult and impoverished situation and became one of the Vietnamese boatmen, eventually gaining refugee status in the United States. Dulles’s interest in art began shortly after his arrival in the States in the early eighties. With the difficulties of adapting to new conditions and language, he took refuge in the art of comics, cartoons, and graffiti. Later he graduated from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Then he began to paint frescos, demonstrating his work in various government institutions, including restaurants, cafes, bars and concert halls, and eventually created the reputation of an artist, so in 2008 he was able to create his own gallery.

His poetic and speculative acrylic paintings symbolically reflect the experience of geographical and cultural migration. In his paintings, human figures maintain a serene, dubious balance in the surreal. Often female figures are portrayed suspended in the airspace. The images that appear in Huynh’s works, like suitcases, books, butterflies, birds, all have to do with traveling, physical or spiritual. Muted colors and simplified forms in his work contribute to a sense of calm before traveling in all its forms.

The work of Huynh is a continuous study of movement and emotion, an image not only of the beauty of the human form but also of the triumph of the human spirit. Huynh wants to achieve in his works a synthesis of the artistic and cultural elements of the East and West in order to embody it in fairy-tale images that fill the viewer with a sense of freedom and tranquility.

Huynh is the co-owner of Lark & Key Gallery and many of his original works and prints are currently available.



  1. Hello, I would like to inquire the information of the very first painting on the very top of this website. It is the painting of Duy Huynh. It is the painting of a girl wearing a yellow dress holding a string attached to the moon/balloon, surrounded with butterflies. Can you please tell me the measurements and the prize of this painting.
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