Easy Painting Ideas


Spring is a time of new beginnings. If you have been looking for a hobby that will allow you to relax, replenish your inner resource, and develop at the same time, discover the benefits of drawing.

We tell you why it is worth doing and how to start.

Drawing – a way to develop creative thinking, and the opportunity to relax and “unload” from the accumulated problems, to replenish the internal resource to combat stress, and therapy. You can do fine arts either alone, in groups or on special courses, if you, for example, want to master the technique of watercolor or oil painting.

For self-study, buy a sketchbook and a set of pencils. You can either take video lessons or create your own images – the main thing is to make the class enjoyable for you.

Another important effect of drawing is therapeutic. The process of creativity frees the brain from excessive strain, allows you to fantasize and lift your spirits – even a simple choice of color palettes for drawing relaxes and pleases. Researcher Jennifer Drake, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology at Brooklyn College, conducted an experiment that proved that drawing frees the brain from negative emotions. However, if you feel that you need drawing not as a way of relaxation or hobby, but as a treatment, turn to art therapy.

Easy Painting Ideas

How does art therapy work?

Art therapy combines psychotherapy with some forms of visual art. According to the American Art Therapy Association, therapists are trained to understand how color, texture, and visual arts can help the therapeutic process by revealing a person’s thoughts, feelings, and character. At the same time, specialists in the USA and other countries get the necessary certification.

The creative process gives a person the opportunity to change their perception of any problems they face. In practice, art therapy can be used in combination with conversational therapy or as an independent form of therapy.

Who needs art therapy?

A person does not need a special creative talent to do art therapy and benefit from it. In fact, people of all ages – children, adolescents, and adults – can use this method of treatment. This type of therapy is the most popular among people:

elderly people;
people with high-stress levels at work;
people with serious illnesses;
people who are being treated by a psychotherapist.

Easy Painting Ideas

Drawing Tips

1. Be attentive to the drawing process. Focus and observe what you are drawing at the moment, let go of all unnecessary thoughts.

2. Choose an emotionally neutral object. The goal is to draw something that distracts you from problems or bad moods.

3. Do not think about how technically correct the drawing will be. The goal is to have fun, not to create a masterpiece (although this is possible through practice). Choose the most enjoyable color palette and start creating a drawing.

Examples of simple drawings for inspiration

The theme for a drawing can be anything. Funny animals, unicorns, landscapes, anime, people, and much more. You can depict them with a pen or pencil in doodle, sketch, or try your hand at watercolor. For watercolors we recommend to get a quality brush and suitable paper, they will “draw for you”.

How to Draw a Lama / Photo: pinterest.com

How to draw a fox / Photo: pinterest.com

How to draw a plant / Photo: pinterest.com




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